No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0118

Not long after, everyone arrived at a luxurious business club. They were then led into an opulent VIP room. The consumption here was not expensive, but with so many people here together, it would cost about one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand dollars. It might be even more. Of course, Sonia would not doubt Jack’s ability to pay the bill anymore. That huge woven bag of cash nearly blinded her tonight. They ordered many signature dishes, and they started to eat and drink.

After much persuasion and coaxing, Selena went up the stage and sang two songs. Her voice was lovely.

“Waiter! Check, please!” When it was about time, Jack paid for the bill without waiting; it was two hundred and twenty thousand dollars in total. He made the waiter take two hundred and thirty thousand for the bill, and the change would be the waiter’s tip.

Jack walked out of the VIP room with the remaining one million four hundred thousand in his bag, ready to go home.

Sonia and Felicia were sour the whole time. They could only accompany everyone to drink and sing as they were embarrassed to leave the place. Their hearts were truly unsatisfied.
As they walked into the hallway, however, a racily dressed up woman bolted out from one of the VIP rooms. Her hair was a total mess, and horror was practically seeping through her face!

“Help! Help me!” The woman yelled, but she was then pulled by a few men who rushed out of the same room to chase after her.

“Damn, aren’t you shameless?” One of the men, with a blue dragon tattooed on his arm, slapped the woman harshly. “What are you yelling for? Didn’t I pay you?”

“Damn right. Why the hell do you pretend to be innocent when you chose to work here?”
The other man with yellow hair sneered. “Look at what you’re wearing! You’re definitely a hooker! What are you pretending for, then? Is the money not enough?” He touched the woman on the floor, his eyes fiery. “Come here. I’ll give you a few thousands more. Haha!”

“Sir, don’t! Please don’t! I beg you. Please let me go! I’m only here to accompany the customer to drink, and I don’t provide any other services!” the woman begged with terror in her trembling voice. “If you need the service, we have it here as well! Let me introduce a few to you. They’re all professional, and you’ll be satisfied!”

“Bah! Sorry. Not. Sorry. I only want you today!” The tattooed man spat on the ground. “Take the woman in!” he ordered his men. “Stop pretending to be innocent when you work in such a place! Still, I like your resistance. Pull her into the room and let me enjoy her!”

The situation before Jack made him stop dead in his tracks. His face sank.

“Let’s go. These are all clans and gangsters. We can’t afford to offend them.” Selena knew Jack was triggered just by looking at his face, but the other party won by numbers. There were four or five men out here; there must be more men in the room. It would be fighting a losing battle.

“You want to play superhero?” Sonia smiled coldly. “Oh right, I almost forgot! You’re a bodyguard! A bodyguard of twenty million dollars a month, too. You should be able to deal with these rubbish bags, right? Otherwise, it’d be such a shame to the Drake Family. A bodyguard with twenty million a month but couldn’t deal with these b*stards. Money well spent, huh?”

“Sir, don’t listen to her. A local gangster is always above the law. Such a situation happens every day! We better not intervene in this matter to offend them.” A male employee—afraid of Jack interposing himself in this affair—stepped forward to remind Jack.

“Help me, please help me!” Just when the woman was about to be forcibly pulled away, she cried pleadingly to Jack. She had noticed Jack’s gaze.

Without any hesitation, Jack put down the bag in his hand on the ground and looked at his wife with a firm expression. “Selena, I’m a veteran, and I want to live a peaceful life. But since I have seen this, I can’t just ignore it.”

Selena glanced at the helpless eyes of the woman. “Alright then…” Selena gave in. “Be careful!”

“Don’t worry!” Jack assured her.

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