No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0119

Jack only walked over after he had gotten Selena’s permission.

“This is…” Several male employees in the scene stared at each other hesitantly.

“Wow, you really want to get ahead, huh?” Sonia was practically rejoicing internally at the sight before her. “Miss Taylor, are you sure your dear husband is going to be alright? It’s not just one or two men there.” Sonia prayed so hard that Jack would be beaten to death by the gang. This guy did not show any respect to her at all; he even made her look terrible in front of everyone.

“I believe in him!” Selena smiled indifferently. When Jack pummeled Neil’s underlings black and blue earlier, her confidence in him was amplified.

“What’s your problem, little punk? Trying to be a hero now, huh?” Two of the men walked up to Jack when they saw him approaching them.

“The lady has said she’s only here to drink with the customer, not to sleep with them. Didn’t you hear her clearly?” chastised Jack. “Let her go. Otherwise, I’ll make you understand the true meaning of regret.”

“Wow, aren’t you talking big? Do you know who we are?” snapped one of the men, arrogance written all over his face. “We are Master Howard’s men. Picking a fight against us is like choosing to fight against Master Howard!”

“Our boss fancies this woman here. Besides, it’s not that we didn’t pay her. What’s wrong with you?” the other man chimed in. “Also, she is dressed inappropriately to drink with us and pretends to be a pure and innocent girl. It’s her fault!”

Jack instantly swung his leg and gave each of them a roundhouse kick; it sent the man flying.

The two were slammed heavily on the ground and immediately tasted blood rushing from their nose.

“Since you’re not letting the lady go, you’ve forced my hand into this! I don’t care which master you’re serving. In Eastfield, if you offend me, you will kneel!”

Jack’s face was icy cold as though he was from the underworld. His all too powerful aura instantly made the temperature in the hallway drop several degrees. Those darkened eyes of his were like the king of the jungle; it carried a noble aura that no one could go against.

“What the f*ck! Are you digging your own grave?” The tattooed guy loosened his grip on the woman and took out a knife from his back pocket. He stretched his body and walked toward Jack with a savage expression as though he was ready to slaughter Jack. He stepped forward, aiming for Jack’s abdomen.

In the next second, Jack firmly grasped the tattooed guy’s arm, and the knife in his hand dropped to the ground. The fiery pain shot up his arm and all the way to his head. His face was distorted in great pain.

“Boss!” The other man who was holding onto the woman immediately loosened his grip as well. He immediately opened the VIP room and yelled, “Guys, it’s bad! Our boss has been beaten up! Everyone, come out now! This scumbag is really asking for a dance with death.”

“What the hell? How dare he beat our boss! He doesn’t want to live anymore, that’s for sure!”

“The f*ck! Who did it? Rather bold on his part! Our boss is one of Master Howard’s men!”

Suddenly, the rest of the gang rushed out of the VIP room, all equally enraged.

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