No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0120

The employees from the procurement department sighed out of relief when they watched Jack finishing three men with just a few punches. It was truly undeniable that Jack possessed the ability to be the Drakes’ bodyguard. Dozens of men sprinted out of the VIP room right after one of them shouted toward the room.

“Oh my goodness! There are dozens of them!”

Sonia and the others were stupefied by the situation. They stumbled back a few steps, afraid of getting hurt once the war began.

“Thank you, Sir! I just can’t thank you enough!” The woman immediately hid behind Jack after the men no longer had a hold on her. “But they have the numbers,” she continued worriedly. “Sir, w—what are you going to do?”

Jack gave her a dry smile. “Just stand behind me. Don’t worry about me; I am Jack White. Even if the King of War was here, he wouldn’t dare to play me for a fool!”

A foot came up from the ground and kicked the tattooed man at his abdomen. Jack threw the tattooed man a kick that sent him backward, and it knocked down several men behind the man who rushed toward Jack.

“Dang it! Take him down!” Somebody shouted, and all of the sudden, Jack was surrounded by a group of men.

In a blink of an eye, those people were sprawled on the ground as they wailed in agony. They were thrown before they could touch a single strand of Jack’s hair. People from other VIP rooms came out quietly after they heard the sound of fighting, and they peeped at the battle.

“Jesus Christ! Isn’t he too strong? It was only one against dozens!”

“Yeah! Who is he? That was absolutely thrilling!” One member of the crowd could not help but exclaim excitedly. One could only witness such scenes on television.

“He’s so screwed. The door’s broken. This KTV is not for those ordinary people. I heard that the chairperson in that room is very powerful!”

“Miss Taylor, are we going to compensate for this broken door?” an employee of the procurement team said to Selena when these thoughts crossed his mind.

“What are you so afraid of? Miss Taylor’s husband is freaking rich. Look at the woven bag of his; there’s more than one million in there!” another female employee interrupted with an arrogant expression. There was nothing but admiration for Jack shown in her eyes. A man like Jack was a real man. It was no surprise that the most exquisite woman in Eastfield chose to marry him.

“Which b*stard was it? How dare you make trouble with us! Are you deliberately finding your way to hell?” Several men with suits—who watched over this club—walked over to the disturbance. The man who led the marching army was the manager of this KTV club.

The tattooed man hideously colored black and purple covered his face. He immediately got up and went toward the manager. “Finally you’re here, Mr. Meyer! I came here to spend and have fun, but what happened in the end? We spent so much and all we got are wounds and bruises! Moreover, these bruises were given by a rat from I-don’t-know where!” he said aggrievedly. “You have to do something about it!”

Jack frowned as he looked at the situation. It seemed like this little tattooed brat was acquainted with Mr. Meyer. That was why they dared to be such a bully here.

“It’s only him? He knocked all of you down single-handedly? Impossible.” Mr. Meyer’s brows furrowed, and he was somewhat surprised when he heard the words.

“You’re Mr. Meyer, the manager of this club, right?” Selena interrupted. “This group of people was looking for trouble in your place. The girl over there was only here to drink with them, but that guy tried to force the girl to sleep with him. The situation was really disturbing, so my husband helped you to teach them a lesson!” Selena spoke as she pointed at the woman and then the tattooed man.

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