No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0121

Selena took two steps forward and explained the situation to Mr. Meyer.

“She’s right, Mr. Meyer! These people are making a deliberate ruckus. You have to do something about it!” Some procurement staff came forward to justify and echoed.

“Mr. Meyer, I’m only here to drink with customers. When you were recruiting, you said that it’d be a part-time job of three hundred dollars per day! I don’t want to sell my body!” The woman sobbed like a dying banshee. She cried in genuine pain. “B—but they—”

Mr. Meyer did the unthinkable; a soundly slap was delivered before she could finish her words.

“Just like a block of wood!”

“What do you mean, Mr. Meyer?” Selena scowled, anger stirred within her.

Mr. Meyer laughed. “What’s the matter with you people? This is our company’s internal affair!” Mr. Meyer retorted. “Besides, shouldn’t you already know what’s going to happen when you come here to work? Moreover, they’re our regular VIP customers! It’s not like they didn’t pay you up. Thousands and thousands will be given to you. So what if you sleep with them just for a day or two?” Mr. Meyer sneered in an arrogant tone and cast a piercing glare at Selena. “You broke our door into pieces and beat our VIP guests into bloody pulps. Now say it: what should I do?” he rebuked.

“Such a shameless snot.” Selena gritted her teeth with anger, and her expression indicated her utter exasperation. This was her first time meeting such a repugnant b*stard. “She’s your staff. That’s what you told her when you were recruiting, and no sleeping with guests was required! You’re now committing a crime…”

“Blah-blah. What a chatty b*tch.” Mr. Meyer shot her a hateful stare. “This is your fault. We’re at our place, while you came here and hurt our valued guests! Just pay us 10 million for the loss!”

“What? 10 million?!” The employees of the Drake Dynasty Real Estate took a long deep breath at the amount. There were not many broken artifacts; only a door and a few vases by the door. They did not expect the other party to ask for 10 million!

“You… This is a complete extortion. Moreover, these men started the war first! If the loss has been paid, they should be the ones to pay! Why ask us?” Selena tried to reason with them. She could almost feel her blood boiling in her veins.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, everyone! I got you involved! This is my fault! I’m so sorry!” The woman could hold the tears no longer. Tears like waterfall gushed down her cheeks. She cried out as though the whole world had collapsed. “It’s all my fault! It’s all on me! I dragged you down to hell with me!”

Sonia and Felicia exchanged their glances, and it was as though sunshine flooded their souls. They were internally smiling. This Mr. Meyer was no ordinary person. The couple would have to bid tomorrow’s sunrise adieu if they could not take out 10 million this time.

‘God has answered my prayer! Humph! Who asked you to play a superhero?’ Sonia inwardly sneered triumphantly.

“You can’t afford it this time, can you?” the tattooed man scoffed in a brazen and arrogant tone when he grasped that Mr. Meyer and his men were taking his side. “This little chatty b*tch is really stunning; even more captivating than the hooker! Mr. Meyer, do me a favor. If this woman is willing to sleep with me, you could ask for less compensation!” He took a closer look at Selena, drool escaping his lips.

Mr. Meyer subsequently laughed. “of course! Three million will do it!”

This tattooed man not only gave him a lot of benefits under the table, but because of them, the KTV had increased a lot in sales each month! They were his top-listed VIP guests. Compared to them, Jack and the others were a group of white-collar staff from a company who came here only for dinner. Mr. Meyer did not want to offend the gang for these poor country bumpkins.

“Dream on!” Selena rebuked and pointed a hateful glance at them. A boiling fury swelled inside of her.

“Honey, can I teach them a lesson? If I beat them up, I’m so afraid that you’ll think that I’m a violent and ferocious man!”

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