No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0122

“I—I wish you could…but isn’t the person behind them very powerful? What should we do when…” Selena bit her seductive plump red lips, her eyebrows frowned slightly.

“Honey, you need only allow me to do it. If they dare to wrong me, that’d be like picking a fight with the Drakes, right?” Jack chuckled, whispering into Selena’s ear.

Selena’s eyes immediately lit up at his words. He was right! He was now a highly paid elite bodyguard employed by the Drake family. Moreover, Miss Tanya held Jack in high regard. If something terrible happened to them, it would be all right so long as the Drake family would help them. There was nothing to be afraid of!

“Aren’t you just a lovely couple?” Mr. Meyer mocked them coldly when he saw them whispering affectionately to each other.

“This scumbag is trying to pick a fight, huh? We’re associated with the Clark family. You know; the Clark family, the second most influential family in this city. Do you recognize your idiocy right now? If you push our buttons—”


A powerful slap landed brutally on Mr. Meyer’s face before he could complete his sentence.

Mr. Meyer spewed a mouthful of blood; two teeth flew out from his blood-soaking mouth.

“Son of a b*tch! How dare you!” Mr. Meyer had never been hit before. He raked in money, and he was even the brother-in-law of the Clark family’s number-one hitman! It was because of this relationship that he became a manager and lived as though he was the country’s president. Additionally, people like the tattooed man gave him many benefits on a daily basis, and it magnified his pride even more. How could he have known he would be beaten by someone today? Irritation and anger immediately surged inside him. He cursed and charged toward Jack, lifting his leg to throw him a powerful kick.

As soon as he raised his leg, Jack found the opportunity to launch a hard blow on his crotch.

“Ah!” That was the sound of broken eggs. The man clasped his private area and squatted down. Every tiny movement sent ripples of pain to his crotch; the pain shot through him with a terrible intensity that he almost passed out.

“Take him down! What are you people waiting for? Beat him up!” Mr. Meyer, on the ground as he gritted his teeth, shrieked agonizingly. “Guys! Charge!”

30 people charged toward Jack, and some of them had machetes in their hands. However, though the other part won by numbers, they were downed in less than a minute. These people received harder blows than the previous men. Their injuries were much worse.

“Jesus Christ! This is unbelievable!” A male procurement staff swallowed hard, shocked by Jack’s fighting skill. Jack was a top-notch combatant, no doubt!

“It’s beyond awesome! He definitely lived up to the 20 million pay!” A few female employees looked at Sonia enviously and wished they could have a husband like Jack. He was not only charming, but he also possessed a manly aura that gave off a sense of security.

“Quick! Go and find Brother Ken!” Mr. Meyer ordered some waiters gathered here by the ruckus for some popcorn-worthy entertainment.

The waiters dismissed, and a man together with seven to eight people strode in.

“Brother-in-law, help me send this b*stard to hell! This piece of sh*t came to create ruckus in our place!”

The arrival of Dan Jameson eased Mr. Meyer’s pent up anger. Hope bloomed inside him. Dan Jameson was no ordinary man; he was the number one hitman of the Clark family. It would be no problem at all for him to fight against hundreds of people, alone. Moreover, Dan earned his current rank and proved his worth in the Clark family with his fists!

Dan’s fury sprang to life when he heard that his brother-in-law had been beaten blue and black. His anger spiked even higher when he heard that the other party defeated most of their men.
His brother-in-law was indeed brazen and arrogant all this while, but because of his sister, he could only turn a blind eye to his deeds.

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