No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0124

“A—Ah!” A hysterical cry pierced the atmosphere; it was the kind of scream that made everyone’s blood run cold. Most of the people were so frightened that they clamped their eyes shut.

“Honey, let’s go!” Jack grabbed the woven bag and swung it over his shoulder. He looked at the part-timer and said, “Do you still want to stay here? Go, now!”

The woman was stunned at the scene before her, and it was only after Jack called to her that she came back to reality. She quickly followed Jack and the others as they left the KTV.

“Don’t ever come to work in such a place anymore!” Selena reprimanded her. “Why did you even think of working here in the first place? What do you do?” she asked, her forehead creasing as she did so.

The woman looked at Jack and Selena, and she knelt before them. “Thank you so much for saving me! My name is Jessica Fair, and I work in the Labor and Social Security Bureau. However, because my father is so sick, I had to work some side jobs to earn and pay for his operation fee. We’ve sold out our house, and yet we’re still short of some money. I had no other choice but to work here for the money.”

Tears pooled in her eyes when she thought of her father’s situation. “Their recruitment announcement has clearly stated that this job is only required to drink with the guests, but not to sleep with them. I—I truly didn’t expect to have encountered this group of b*stards on my third day. I…” Tears welled up at the corners of her eyes as she described her experience. She looked even more pitiful and distressing.

The employees looked at each other, wordlessly, breathing out a series of sighs. They believed Jessica would not have taken this path if it were not for her father.

Selena had always been kind-hearted. She turned her head toward Jack and without hesitation, spoke, “Jack, why don’t we help her? This is too distressing. I don’t think I could sleep tonight if we simply walk away.”

A small and gentle smile hung at Jack’s lips. “Honey, this beautiful heart of yours is a drug to my vein. I thought of that as well, but I never expected you to bring it up first!”

Jack dropped the woven bag in front of Jessica and said, “Take this. Don’t work at this kind of place anymore. The money in this bag is definitely enough for your father’s operation.”

The bystanders’ eyes widened into spheres as large as saucers; they were stunned by Jack’s behavior. They thought that Jack would give 10 to 20 thousand to the woman, but he handed the whole bag to her. There was freaking 1.4 million in it!

With such an amount of money, Jessica was not only able to afford her father’s operation cost, but it was also enough for her to redeem their house from the bank.

“T—Thank you, Sir! I can’t thank you enough. Thank you!” Jessica got up on her feet and bowed at Jack, expressing her gratitude over and over.

“Honey, let’s go…” Jack smiled gently. He then held Selena’s hand and walked over to their electric scooter.

Selena was a little puzzled. She wanted to help the woman, perhaps with 10 to 20 thousand from Jack’s woven bag. Never did she anticipate that Jack would pass the whole bag to the woman!

It was only until they neared the electric scooter did Selena snapped back to reality. “Jack, aren’t you being too generous?” Selena asked dumbfoundedly. “There was so much money in that bag, and you passed it all to her?” Pausing for a moment, she then continued, “Don’t tell me Jessica’s stunning appearance has captured your heart, and that’s why you did that.”

“And how is it possible for her to win against my lovely wife in terms of beauty? Besides, didn’t you ask me to help her?” Jack chuckled playfully, his mood brightened up.

“W—Well, I did ask you to help her, but I didn’t ask you to give her all the money!”

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