No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0126

At the KTV’s entrance, the man with the dragon tattoo—Ned—lugged forward with a cohort of men behind him.

“F*ck. I’ve never been so angry before. I can’t walk out of here until I’m satisfied!” Ned clenched his teeth, his expression reeked with menace. The rage within him continued to burn hot and bright.

“B—Boss, maybe we should just forget it,” one of his underlings stuttered after he gave the matter some thought. “Didn’t you hear what Dan said? Even Young Master Clark wouldn’t dare
to provoke that man!”

“Dan is the best fighter in the Clark family, you know?” the underling continued. “But look what happened. He bowed and scraped before the name of Jack White. He even cut off a hand from his brother-in-law without hesitation!”

A flicker of hesitation crossed Ned’s face when he heard this. However, a smile quickly lit up his face as he said, “Hmph. Why should we be scared? We don’t have to cower in fear just because they did. What aristocrats? They’re self-giving titles. How can they compare to us, the Dragon Gods?”

“The boss is right,” another underling chimed in with a vicious undertone. “No way are we going to let this slide. Not something this sh*tty, especially. Why? Do those aristocrats think they’re the best? Do they have more men than we do?” At this point, he paused for a bit before he added, “Besides, rumor has it that Dan can take down a few hundred men by himself. Bah! We heard the rumor from someone else, but I’ve never seen him in action myself, so who knows if he truly took down a few dozen by himself. His legend grew more and more ridiculous as word went around.”

“That’s right! All the aristocrats have is money. They can’t beat us men in terms of raw manpower. They only use their fists when they fight; we have people. If all of us gang up on that guy, there’s no way he’ll be able to escape!”

Another goon stepped forward, his face purple with bruises and nose swollen. “You’re right! That useless piece of crap! I’m gonna get help from Master Howard! We can’t let this slide.”

Ned nodded his head. With a smirk on his face, he commented, “Heh. That little punk’s wife has a splendid figure. More importantly, she’s such a delightful creature!”

“Boss, I think that woman is Selena Taylor, secretly dubbed the Beauty Queen of Eastfield among the rich young masters here! Won’t you offend the Taylors if you do anything to her?”
A goon raised the concern after pondering upon the matter for a while, his forehead creasing in worry.

“So that’s who she is? No problem at all. I heard that this woman had been kicked out of the Taylor family five years ago. So long as I just fool around and not kill her; even the Taylors won’t dare to provoke Master Howard! Furthermore, I’ve heard that her cousin is against her, and she hasn’t been able to land a single job! Heh. It’ll be fine as long as she’s not dead!”

The more he talked about her, the more Ned felt that there was an irresistible allure to Selena that could not be found in other women. It was the allure of a mature woman.

“Really? If that’s the case, there’ll be no problem at all! Hah! Let’s go see Master Howard now!”
The goon flashed a wicked smile when he heard that. “Boss, can we watch while you have fun with the woman? I want to see the look of this Beauty Queen of Eastfield as she’s being completely dominated by you!”

“Hah! No problem. I’ll let you all see just how awesome I am!” Ned burst into guffaws and brought his men along to see Master Howard. Master Howard had tremendous influence in the city. He was the owner of numerous entertainment outlets and illegal banks. It was not difficult at all to find out where Selena lived.

“Jack, something’s off.”

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