No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0131

“They arranged for him to live in a villa all by himself? Is he not living together with bodyguards? Isn’t there a dormitory for bodyguards?” Ben was stunned. This outcome far exceeded their expectations.

Jack chuckled. “I did run into the Drakes’ bodyguards, but they were complete trash! And because of that, not a single one was worthy to be my opponent. The leader of the Drake family seems to like me. He said that my skill was worth twenty million dollars a month! Furthermore, the family’s patriarch said that those bodyguards were arranged to test me. They wanted to see if I was someone who knew how to pick their fights, someone who was courageous. It’s obvious that I passed the test.” Jack coughed quietly, speaking in a matter-of-fact tone.

Selena’s lips parted slightly, anxiety clenching her guts. Her husband had never said anything like that before, and he had not batted an eye as he lied.

“Really? It was just a test? And it was pre-arranged? So you’ll go to work tomorrow?” Fiona practically bounced with excitement as soon as she heard him, thinking about the twenty million dollars a month.

“Of course he’s serious, Ma. How could he lie to you about something like this? You can follow him to work tomorrow if you don’t believe him. See if anyone still dares to get in his way!” Selena explained, and she eye-rolled at her mother.

“Then you’ll let me take three hundred thousand from you, right? It’s all your fault I took out so much money abruptly, after all. I thought it was for a ransom. We did see Jack beating those bodyguards up with our own eyes!” Fiona’s resentful expression had long been replaced by one of complete delight.

“So, Jack, even the head of the Drakes has acknowledged your potential and highly regards you?” Andrew asked Jack as he stepped forward.

Everyone looked at him in anticipation. The Drakes were the wealthiest family in Eastfield, after all.

“That’s right. I’m very capable, basically!” Jack answered, a smile plastered on his face.

“Oh, that’s such wonderful news! I thought that you were all kidnapped since you haven’t returned, although it’s so late.” The tension at Joan’s chest finally eased off.

“Oh, right. Why were you guys following me? You could’ve just said something to me if you wanted to see me off to work.” Amusement sparked in Jack as he looked at Fiona. He had long known about how they hid in the coffee shop; he was merely lazy to call them out.

“Oh, dear. No need to put it that way! We weren’t following you. We just wanted to check out the situation because we care for you.” Fiona laughed awkwardly. “It’s all good so long as you’re good!”

A thought brewed in her mind after she said that, and she tacked on, “By the way, Jack, I think that you won’t receive your salary by the time our patriarch is celebrating his birthday. Can you ask Tanya and see if they can give you this month’s salary early? We’ll use half of it to compensate Ivan, and another half to buy something for Old Man Taylor!”

“You don’t want me to pay the bride price anymore?” Jack’s brows creased together. Fiona had been so insistent on the bride price and would pester him about it almost every single day. Why would she be so kind all of the sudden?

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