No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0136

”His wife, Selena Taylor, is a beauty!” Beside them, Scar laughed coldly after hearing what Ned said.

“Hey, hey. Does Brother Scar want to play too?” Ned smirked and flattered.

“Never mind, I’m not interested in women!” Scar smiled coldly and looked at Jack. “Young man, I’ll grant your wish and follow you to the abandoned building. Where’s the fun if we don’t finish you in the grave you’ve chosen for yourself?”

“let’s go!” Jack laughed and walked toward the abandoned building.

Scar and the rest followed behind him at a regular pace. They even walked in positions that formed a half-circular shape to prevent Jack from escaping.

Soon, the group of people entered the abandoned building.

“Young man, how about this. I’ll give you a chance today based on the fact that you have served Daxia for five years!”

The group of people surrounded Jack in the middle and Ned smirked and said, “You can call your wife and ask her to come here. Then, kowtow 100 times, beg me to let you go and sleep with her! I’ll let you go if you do it, how about that?!”

“Yes, yes, yes. So that your daughter won’t have to see our boss and your wife…” Another man with yellow hair smirked and said.

However, before he could finish speaking, Jack’s expression had already darkened. He did not care what people say about him but he could not tolerate people insulting his wife and daughter.

Jack’s movement was very fast. He lunged toward the guy with yellow hair and punched his neck.


A crisp sound of bone breaking at the neck could be heard. The man with yellow hair fell on the ground and stopped breathing.

“I’ll kill you first for the words that you speak!” Jack looked at the body on the floor coldly. His words frightened the people, they could not help but take one step backward.

Ned and the others who were originally hurt did not dare walk forward. Ned reminded them, “Everybody be careful. He is not a simple man, otherwise I wouldn’t request so many people from the boss!”

“F*ck his grandmother. Pick up your weapon, go on and kill him!” Scar saw what happened, waved his hand, and ordered.

In seconds, more than a dozen people picked up either watermelon knives or steel pipes and rushed toward Jack.

“Hey, I gave you an option and you refused it, now you’re looking for death!” Ned’s eyes were vicious as he looked on to the group of people rushing toward Jack.

“You group of useless bastards. You can’t fight as front liners but sure are the champions of backstabbing!” Jack had a scary look in his eyes.

He snatched the watermelon knife from one of them and with a few swoops, several people around him had cuts on their necks.

Seven or eight people near Jack covered their necks and pain was written on their face. One by one, they fell to the ground and died.

The remaining few saw this scene and were so afraid that they swallowed big mouthfuls of their own saliva.

“F*ck his grandmother, charge!”

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