No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0137

Scar dared not act careless and was prepared to use the mass attack after he saw how scary Jack was.

“Attack!” The others rushed forward and surrounded Jack in the middle of an impenetrable crowd.

Jack was extremely fast. Although so many people rushed toward him, none of them could get near to him. They rushed forward one after another but every of them was finished by Jack’s knife.

Some of them only saw the knife’s reflection before they died and their head was no longer on their neck.

“No…no way!”

Less than two minutes later, the entire place was full of corpses and the blood odor filled the space.

Standing on the side, Ned and his followers looked at the show and had smiles on their face in the beginning. In their eyes, Jack was just struggling at the brink of death and he would die from being in a group fight.

The smile on their faces gradually disappeared. It was full of surprise and fear instead.

Jack stood there. After a killing spree, his white shirt still did not even have a drop of blood on it.

Most importantly, Ned realised that Jack was wearing a pair of slippers, yet he could still move that fast. How did he manage that?

“Young man, you must have used up all your energy! Aren’t your hands tired by killing so many people?”

“It’s time!” Scar finally made his move. He raised his knife, stepped forward and jumped high up into the air. He held the knife with both his hands and cut at Jack, who was beneath him.

“The hungry tiger pounces on the food?” Jack smiled coldly when he saw the opponent’s scary pose. He suddenly moved as the person’s knife was about to touch him.

This time, Jack was faster than before. Scar eyes blurred and the person was gone, his knife missed its aim!

“How…how is this possible?” After Scar missed, he secretly gasped. He was very clear how ferocious this move was and it was almost impossible that someone could dodge it. Once hit, the other party would be dead or badly injured.

Days ago, he used this move to kill a guy.As he was in a daze, he had a feeling that something was wrong. He felt a cold wind blowing from his back and a long knife pierced through his body from behind.

“I…” Scar’s eyes opened widely. He then knelt on the floor and fell down after he looked down at the knife.

“Brother Scar!”

“Oh my god! Brother Scar is so strong and…”

“Impossible! Brother Scar actually died like this?!”

The remaining of the people felt a sense of relief when they saw Scar in action. They believed that it was the young man’s death when Scar took action.

What they did not expect was for Boss Howard’s right hand man, Brother Scar, to be killed like this.

“Quick! Run!”

Ned realized that there were still about a dozen people left and they were not Jack’s opponent so he was ready to run.

“trash like you wants to leave?” Jack smiled coldly and looked at a knife under his feet. He kicked it, it flew and went through one of Ned’s legs from behind.

“Ah!” Ned cried out a horrible scream and was in so much pain that he knelt down on one knee.

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