No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0143

Ivan smiled coldly. “Selena, you’re too naive. He’s supposed to kowtow to me and be chased out of Taylor family if he can’t come up with the sum of money. By then, he wouldn’t be your husband and wouldn’t have anything to do with us. I’ll get someone to beat him up and I’ll do as I please.”

Ivan paused before he continued, “I know that you’re softhearted and you’d definitely feel bad for him. I do have a suggestion for this. If you sign the contract with me, I’d void the ten million compensation, I can even give you twenty million to help Jack pay the ten million betrothal gift. The remaining ten million is for him to buy the old master a present for the Taylor’s to accept him.”

The offer that Ivan made was really attractive and Selena was tempted.

However, she shook her head. “No way, I can’t promise you this. I can’t do this as a member of the Drake Group’s Procurement Department. If Miss Tanya knows about this bribe, she would be disappointed. I can’t betray her trust in me and Jack!”

“cousin, are you stupid? Why’re you still acting noble at this moment? You have to understand, the money I give you can provide you and your husband a good life. It’d also help Jack obtain the Taylor family’s recognition! If you guys can’t come up with thirty million within the next twenty days, Jack will have to get out of the Taylor family and your parents will refuse to admit this son-in-law who married into your family.” Ivan smiled. “I’m afraid that only idiots will make a decision like this!”

“Don’t you worry. Jack already said that he’ll settle this before the old master’s birthday and I trust him! Besides, he’s Drake family’s bodyguard and takes a monthly salary of 20 million. My mum had also become nicer to him, so you don’t have to worry!”

Selena was still very firm with her stance. “As a person, we must have a bottom line. I’ve languished through these five years of hardship and now that Jack has returned, my child has a father. Both Jack and I have jobs and I believe that our life will get better!”

“Don’t… Don’t you want to get the recognition of the old master, father, and the rest of the Taylor family?” Disbelief was written all over Ivan’s face. In his opinion, Selena had really made a very stupid decision. “You have to know that you can make use of your current occupation to get Taylor’s recognition. You can be rich and live a good life. Why would you reject this life-changing offer? The old master will be unhappy if you do this!”

Selena was silent momentarily and said, “I believe that the old master will support my choice. He’s currently blinded by his desire to become a second-class aristocratic family. I believe that he’ll understand that my choice is the correct one in the long run. I need to have achievements in the Drake Group and build Drake’s trust in me. I believe that there’ll be other opportunities for us and the Taylor family to work together!”

Selena paused here and continued seriously, “Cousin, there’s a saying, haste will ruin everything. Even if the Taylor family has high quality construction materials, are you sure that we can handle such a big project? Besides, this is only my second day working here. What would outsiders think if I sign the contract with the Taylor’s so quickly? All eyes are on me now!”

Ivan agreed with Selena. However, in order for him to sign this big project and stabilize his position in the old master’s heart, he smiled. “Alright, I know that I’m making things difficult for you. After all, this is your second day at work. How about this, I’d come over a few days from now. However, don’t you sign the contract with other construction materials’ suppliers, alright?”

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