No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0145

Sonia and Felicia started gossiping in a corner after Ivan entered Selena’s office.

“Sonia, do you know who’s that? He’s so arrogant that he went straight into the office. He even brought bodyguards with him!” Felicia looked at the office before asking Sonia.

Sonia smiled coldly. “Who can it be? He’s the young master from the Taylor family, Ivan Taylor! He’s one of the playboys. He manages the Taylor Group now and has been swindling the company’s money!”

“Really?” Felicia frowned. “Then why is he here? I heard that Ivan is on the bad side of Selena because he has been against her since she was forced out of the Taylor family!

“I think I know! Ivan is here just two days after Selena becomes the Procurement Manager. It’s clear that he wants Selena to sign the contract and give this big project to the Taylor family!” Felicia’s eyes brightened and continued, “If that’s the case then it’s fabulous! Doesn’t that mean that she’s abusing her power as manager? If I report this to the general manager and Miss Tanya, this woman will be done for good. She will have to quit the job and leave!”

“Yes. If she were to allocate some minor projects to the Taylor’s family a few months down the road, we may now know it and the Drake family might just close an eye to that. After all, they’re indeed in the construction material business. However, she had just started working. It’s too obvious that she’s abusing her power if she gives such a big project to the Taylor family right now.”

Sonia was very happy as everybody was waiting for Selena to mess up. They had no idea that the opportunity came so quickly. Both of them were waiting for Selena to mess up last night, but it did not happen. Instead, she left an extremely good impression in front of the employees. Sonia heard the discussion between employees about Selena this morning when she came in for work. Some said that her husband was handsome, rich, and good in fighting!

Some of them applauded Selena for showing solicitude toward her subordinates and even praised her for standing her ground when Sean Logan wanted to treat her to a meal. They learned that she was uncorrupted as she did not accept any bribe from other people.

This made both Sonia and Felicia extremely angry. They intended to frame Selena, instead, they failed and felt as if they have helped her build a good image instead.

“Yes, our opportunity is here and we don’t need to do anything. We‘ll wait and expose her after they have signed the contract!”

Sonia was extremely happy. She felt that her pursuit for the manager’s position will end soon.

At this moment, they saw Ivan coming out from the office angrily. The expression on his face reflected his unhappiness.

“Consider my *ss! She just doesn’t want to sign the contract with us!”

Ivan turned around and looked at the office in disgust. He thought silently, ‘Selena Taylor, if you don’t sign the contract with me, I’ll not make it easy for Jack on Grandfather’s birthday. I’ll have him killed if he can’t come up with the money and chased out of the house!’

“Young Master Taylor, do you plan to leave?” Unexpectedly, Sonia walked forward with a smile. “As a supervisor, I think I can speak to you in private!”

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