No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0147

Sonia paused slightly before she continued speaking, “Young Master Taylor, let me tell you something. In the past, the people-in-charge from the construction material companies won’t discuss this matter directly with the manager. They’ll find me instead, the supervisor, and discuss with me first!”

“With you? You can make the decision as a supervisor and we can sign the contract?”

Ivan’s eyes lit up in an instant and spoke excitedly. “Miss Neal, I’ll definitely thank you in the future if you can sign the contract with me! I can give you at least twenty to thirty million!”

Sonia gasped as she heard this. She sure wanted to accept the money, but supervisors never had the power to make such a decision. The final say was always the manager. Hence, she had only received small gifts like tea leaves throughout the years as a supervisor. Her position had hindered her to be entitled for expensive gifts.

This was the reason Sonia wanted to become the manager.

She thought that she could become the manager until Selena appeared. She was so angry she almost puked blood.

“That much?!”

She tried hard to keep calm. It would be nice if she was the manager as this project would earn her a huge amount of money.

Although the contract still needed to be signed by the general manager after the supervisor’s decision, the manager was always so busy that he would not properly read it through. Normally, the contract only needed his signature after the contract was ready.

Hence, the Procurement Department Manager in this company was a position that could reap a lot of benefit.

“it’s not a lot! If the entire project is given to the Taylor family, we can make at least seven to eight hundred million. We might even make one billion if we do it right! By that time, this amount of money will be a piece of cake to the Taylor family.”

Ivan laughed, “I intended to pay Selena 20 million as commission. It’s such a pity that this woman is hard headed and crazy!”

“Young Master Taylor, I can’t make the final decision but I can help you find a way!” Sonia rolled her eyes and said again.

“What can you offer me?” Ivan could not believe it.

“Let’s put it this way. Any other construction material suppliers need to come to me first. My main job is to discuss with them and choose the materials. I’ll pass it to the filtered list to the manager so that she can further look into it!”

“I can recommend the Taylor family to her in this process. I can amend the data from the other construction material suppliers, and even throw them in the bin!”

Sonia smirked. “If this is the case, do you think I’ll be of help? She would have no other choices other than signing your contract after I’ve gotten rid of your competitor’s data. If you went to her directly it’ll no doubt create gossip. It’ll be different if I recommended it, the responsibility will be on me.”

“That’s great! Your idea is really good. She wouldn’t be afraid of others gossiping about her if we go with this. She hesitated because she’s a very filial person and she knows that this is the old master’s idea!”

“She won’t hesitate if you become the scapegoat. I understand her very well, there’ll be a high chance of success like this!” Ivan was ecstatic. “But, won’t she realize that something’s wrong if you get rid of the other competitors?”

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