No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0149

”Aren’t there other competitors that want the project?” The old master was obviously worried.

Ivan replied, “Grandpa, don’t worry. The other suppliers will join as a formality. We’ll definitely land the contract!”

At the same time, James and his family were having a chat in the Drake family mansion’s living room.

As they were talking, the Drake family’s butler walked in. “Master, something big happened last night!”

“Something big? What happened? There’re many powerful people in Eastfield so it’s not unusual that things happen!” James smiled indifferently and thought it was quite normal.

“Over one hundred people from the Dragon God clan died last night in an abandoned building!” the butler spoke as he walked forward.

“What? So many died?” Tanya Drake, the second daughter of the Drake family gasped as she was startled. It was normal for people to die from offending forces that they should not have offended.

However, there were usually only a dozen deaths and it would be considered big news if 100 people died. This time, there were more than that and they were people from the Dragon God clan. After all, the clan was powerful and people dared not offend them.

“What was the official statement?” James was quiet for some time before asking about the details.

“There were no details about it. The official statement stated that it was a fight between two parties and that was it!” The butler smiled bitterly and continued, “But, I asked around and got to know that the situation was very scary! On top of that, a lot of people spread the news about this matter and everybody knows that it’s not a fight between two parties.”

Jack, who was standing behind Tanya, was speechless when he heard this. “How scary was it?”

“Super scary!” The butler glanced at Jack before continuing, “The other party was too good. I think nobody from the Drake family was good enough for him, because the bodies are all people from the Dragon God clan. From the looks of it, it was done by one individual. For one person to kill so many, this person must be good. Most importantly, the right-hand man of Mr. Howard from the Dragon God clan, Scar, also fell victim to this!”

“Scar is dead?” James was shocked when he heard that Scar was dead. “This person must be really good. Is it confirmed that he went alone and not with a whole group of people?”

“Yes, I’m sure of it!” The butler immediately nodded and said, “The people from the Dragon God clan had always been carrying out bad deeds. Now, a lot of the people in Eastfield are praising the hero who got rid of the bad people for the commoners!”

“I really want to see who this hero is with my own eyes!” Tanya’s eyes lit up and said in adoration.

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