No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0150

”He must be good!” Timothy smiled as he looked at Jack and said, “I wonder who’ll win if our 20 million dollar bodyguard fights with this so-called hero?”

It was obvious that Timothy did not fully accept Jack and thought his dad had overestimated Jack’s ability. He tried having some hope for Jack to turn out fine but he thought Jack was just a normal person after meeting him. He always felt that instead of Jack, why not please the Gods of War with his family’s wealth. His father was obviously going toward the wrong direction.

“Yes, do you think you can win? I’m curious as you have defeated Harvey!” Tanya was suddenly interested. She looked at Jack yearningly and asked.

Jack was embarrassed. They were making it difficult for him when they asked him to fight with himself.

“I need to meet him in order to give you an answer. I’ll definitely compare notes with him when we meet!” Jack thought about it and answered seriously.

“you said this. Don’t refuse if I find this person. After all, I want to know your true capabilities from your fight with him!” Timothy smiled and said.

Jack’s cell-phone rang at this moment.

He frowned right after looking at it. ‘Female Apprentice’ appeared as the caller’s ID.

Jack was speechless as he had no idea why Lana, his only female apprentice, would look for him at this moment.

“Sorry, I need to take this call!” After a shy smile, Jack excused himself.

“this young man is really busy!” James smiled as he looked as Jack leave.

“He… He has just arrived and wants to leave for a phone call?” Timothy’s face darkened. He looked on as Jack walked toward the entrance.

“How’s that possible? Isn’t this his second day at work?” The butler was confused and chased after Jack.

After a short while, he ran back and said while huffing, “Isn’t this bodyguard too much? He has only been here for less than ten minutes and left. He’s really making me angry. The twenty million is such easy money for him.”

“Tanya, why did you agree to his request of twenty million? Why didn’t you negotiate? Look at him, is he worth so much?” Timothy looked at his sister impatiently. “I think he’s too arrogant and he doesn’t even act like a bodyguard. Does he even know that he owed us a favor? He’s just an employee after all!”

Tanya lowered her head in shame. “Father said that we have to please Jack. I thought about it and think it was a good chance to do so. After all, twenty million is a piece of cake for the Drake family. He said that twenty million was the minimum and it was obvious that there was no room for negotiation. How could I negotiate under those circumstances?”

“He might only be overpricing himself. Who would’ve known you’re so stupid to offer twenty million. He might have accepted the offer at ten million!” Timothy continued.

“Don’t fret it!” James waved his hand at this moment and said, “Don’t be so stingy. It’s just a monthly salary of twenty million. The Drake family can pay even if there’re more of them! I believe in my intuition. This young man might be a God of War. Even if he isn’t, he would definitely be a marshal. If that’s the case, a twenty million salary is really low!”

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