No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0153

“So in order for me to not expose my identity, you should bid for that luminous pearl in a moment!” Jack said while chuckling.

“Yes!” As she said that, Lana let out a bitter laugh.

At this moment, there were around a dozen bodyguards dressed in a black suits and standing by the auction house’s door. They looked full of spirit and stood tall. They seemed quite powerful.

“Are you both here for the auction?” One of the bodyguards asked when he spotted Jack and Lana.

“Of course!” Lana smiled as she casually took out a black card and waved it in front of him.

“Please, come in!” The moment the bodyguard noticed it, he immediately took a step back and allowed them to enter.

When they arrived at the auction, it was already crowded inside. Both Jack and Lana found a spot at the back by the corner and got seated.

‘What is that Jack fellow doing here?” It was at this moment that Young Master Clark, who was already seated and was waiting for the auction, noticed Jack.

He frowned and looked at Lana who was beside Jack before mumbling, “That’s not right, the woman next to him isn’t Selena. Moreover, who is that woman anyway? Her body isn’t too bad, and she looks quite sexy and elegant too!”

As he mumbled that, Ken’s eyes lit up and said, “This woman isn’t dressed normally. Those clothes are quite expensive too. Even the watch around her wrist is a luxury watch that costs a few million dollars. Could Jack be looking for a wealthy lady behind Selena’s back?”

Ken felt delighted at that thought. He originally felt quite hopeless but now, a ball of flame burned in his heart once again. Dan had advised him not to cross Jack. Moreover, even Marshal Dennis advised him the same thing that day. Although he was slightly confused, he still did not dare to act rashly or confront him directly. That was because of the fact that if both of them were afraid of Jack, it meant that Jack must have been quite a capable fellow. However, it would be much easier if there were problems in Selena’s and Jack’s relationship that would make Selena willingly leave Jack.

With that thought, he instinctively took out his cell phone and secretly took a picture of them both.

“Such a shame that they’re not acting intimate. It doesn’t prove anything if they don’t hold hands!”

“However, that woman is wearing a facemask along with a pair of shades. It’s obvious that they have some secrets between them that they’re unwilling to share. This wealthy lady might be afraid of her husband recognizing her, which prompted her to wear a facemask! I didn’t expect that Jack would be a sugar baby for money!” Ken chuckled by himself while staring at the picture.

“Oh, if it isn’t Young Master Clark? You came too! What are you doing here mumbling to yourself?”

After Micheal, who was a row behind, noticed Ken, he immediately sat next to him as he asked that question.

“You’re here too?” Ken was stunned and looked at Jack’s direction as he said, “I saw a familiar face!”

“How did he come in?” When Micheal looked toward the direction Ken was glancing toward, his expression instantly dimmed as he noticed Jack.

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