No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0154

”Yeah. I also feel weird about it. What is he doing here!”

Ken cracked a calm smile then said, “Young Master Wilson, look at the woman next to him. She’s obviously a rich woman! Do you know why she’s dressed the way she is, with a pair of shades and facemask?”

“She’s afraid of people recognizing her, of course!” Micheal chuckled coldly. He was no fool, so why did he even bother asking such a foolish question?

“Think about it, why is she afraid of being recognized by people?”

“Since she’s a wealthy lady, of course she’s afraid of her husband recognizing her!”

“Since she’s afraid of her husband recognizing her, what does that mean? Well, it means that her relationship with Jack isn’t that straightforward then!”

Ken analyzed everything in great detail.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect this Jack fellow to be such a f*ckboy. He kept going on and on about doing everything for Selena and yet, we didn’t expect him to cheat on Selena behind her back with a wealthy lady!”

Micheal clenched his fist, his gaze filled with anger.

If not because of Jack, how could Selena possibly be a mother now? She might have still been a young, beautiful, and innocent flower waiting to be picked by him!

After Micheal was done speaking, he also secretly took out his cellphone and took a picture of them. He said, “If Selena saw this picture, I’m not sure what she’ll think!”

However, there was something he did not expect. Both Jack and Lana noticed when he took the picture.

“Jack, I think someone was taking our picture. I wouldn’t be recognized even after the mask and shades I decided to wear, right?” Lana whispered to Jack where she sat.

“No way!” Jack was stunned as he looked toward their direction. His expression immediately dimmed as he said, “It’s Ken from the Clark family and Micheal from the Wilson family. Both of them are my wife’s pursuers.”

“Really?” Lana looked at them and said, “I heard she’s a beauty and there are lots of wealthy pursuers after her. Even if she’s not pretty, her heart’s pretty. She must have suffered a lot for the five years that you’ve left, right?”

“Yeah. I’m truly sorry for their five years of suffering. Hence, I’ll make it up to them!” Jack let out a bitter laugh and said, “After so long, I’m planning to arrange for her an unforgettable wedding of a lifetime!”

“Oh, how envious I am of you two. You two are a perfect match and literally made for each other!” After Lana said that, she felt slightly envious in her heart since she felt that she had never seen a man more capable and outstanding than Jack.

“That’s weird, when have you learned how to butter me up?” Jack said with a gentle chuckle as he looked at Lana.

“I’m speaking the truth! What do you mean butter you up?” Lana cracked a bitter smile.

“Oh good lord, it’s that b*stard again!” It was at this moment that the Hugo family’s Young Master Neil walked through the front door with a bunch of his lackeys.

When he noticed Jack, he instantly and furiously clenched his fist. He could never forget the incident where he was beaten to a pulp by Jack for trying to flirt with Selena upon noticing her beauty as she rode the electric scooter.

Ever since then, he had employed some ruffians to take care of Jack along with him. However, he never expected them to be so useless as they stumbled away from Jack after getting beaten by him. On the other hand, he was violently slapped by Jack a few times. So much so, his entire face was swollen and he dared not return home that day. He was afraid of being teased by his family if they saw him in such a state. He did not expect to run into Jack, who was fully prepared to bid for the luminous pearl today.

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