No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0157

“Sigh, that woman might be the wife to some wealthy merchant, right? The watch around her wrist costs more than a million though. However, the only thing I’m curious about is why she’s wearing a mask and a pair of shades?” Ken sighed before saying, “So I believe even without me saying anything, anyone smart enough would be able to guess the relationship you two share, right?”

“There’s no way, right? Jack is actually Selena’s husband? That’s impossible, right? He has the audacity to look for other women when Selena is so stunning?”

When a middle-aged wealthy merchant heard that, he was shocked.

“Who knows what the reason is. Look at that wealthy lady, she’s not that old, plus her body is amazingly exotic. Man, for a wealthy lady like her, even if she doesn’t give me any money, I would also be willing to do other things with her! Let alone if she’s giving him money!”

Another elderly man could not hold himself back as he secretly gulped while looking at Lana’s sexy legs.

“Yeah, I would also be willing if I were him!”

A young master from a second-class aristocratic family beside them was also extremely excited. He said, “Even if I’m the one forking out money, I would also volunteer myself!”

“I’m not the wife of a wealthy merchant. Besides, why does it concern you as to what kind of relationship Jack and I share?” Lana’s expression turned bitter and her voice sounded extremely cold. This made everyone feel as if the entire room’s temperature had dropped by several degrees.

That strong statement had actually silenced many people there who were discussing them.

“Of course it concerns me!” Micheal finally spoke up at that moment and said, “That statement proves that Jack is cheating on his wife to be a sugar baby. if he’s really that capable, we wouldn’t make fun of him if he’s able to find a few more women to accompany him. The unfortunate thing is, however, wouldn’t a man feel ashamed to be a sugar baby?”

“That’s right, he’s even a veteran! How could he sink so low upon returning home to look for a wealthy lady? Is it because he could no longer bear the military life? It’s such an embarrassment to veterans!” Ken and Michael were insulting him as if singing a duet.

“If you guys don’t shut up, believe me that I’ll end you both!” Lana could no longer hold her anger back since she felt extremely insulted for a God of War to be labeled a sugar mommy.

Not to mention, what offended her most was that these imbeciles were actually insulting the Supreme Warrior, the most respected individual in all of Daxia, by calling him a sugar baby. They should have known that he was Lana’s master. Although she could bear being insulted, she could never allow her master to suffer the same fate!

“Look, she’s getting mad now, isn’t she? Were we right then? Look around you, this is an auction house and you wouldn’t dare beat someone up in a public place, right?”

Ken had a smug look on his face as he said, “Come on then, you’re a woman and yet you wish to assault us? Do you actually think that I, Young Master Ken, am an incompetent match against a woman?”

Lana immediately stood up and the instant she clenched her fist, an immensely menacing aura emanated from her body. Although such a menacing aura was invisible. However, it was still very intimidating as it unknowingly startled both Ken and Micheal to take a step back.

Upon noticing a fight was about to break out, Jack grabbed Lana’s wrist and said, “This is an auction house. We are here for the auction and besides, if we butt heads with trash like them, it’d be embarrassing to our status!” Jack’s expression was extremely calm.

“Good point!” It was only then that Lana calmed down and got seated again.

They were lucky that this was not a battlefield because if it was, those trash in front of them would have already been dead a hundred times over.

“keep pretending then. I believe you both know the consequences of assaulting us and cannot bear it!” Michael chuckled before telling Jack, “Say Jack, what do you think will happen if we tell your wife about you meeting a wealthy lady here? What would she think?”

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