No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0158

“You both sure know how to worry now, don’t you!” Jack chuckled then told Ken, “Ken, do you know there’s a saying ‘know your place’? You should really learn from it. I believe Dennis had reminded you about it previously when you tried to forcefully demolish our home, right? Are you sure…you still want to go against me?”

After Ken heard that threat, his expression instantly dimmed as he started to worry. Due to how powerful Jack was, not even their Prime Fighter Dan would be a match for him if he actually was offended and was out for his Clark family’s blood. That would be very bad for them!

It was only with that thought that he said, “I-I won’t go against you or out my way to make things difficult for you. However, I’m only here to offer you a word of advice. Selena’s so nice to you and yet you have the audacity to do this for money…”

“Young Master Ken, I somehow feel like you’re slightly afraid of him?” Micheal was no fool and was instantly able to notice Ken’s anxious behavior. He frowned.

“Are you kidding? Me, Young Master Ken, is afraid of him? Oh please, he’s nothing but a takeout delivery boy. How could I possibly be afraid of him when he’s only been in the military for a few years?” Ken immediately slapped his chest in a forceful show of courage.

“Fair point! Let’s go, I’m actually quite interested to see how you would explain this to Selena once the truth gets out.” After Micheal said that, he left with Ken.

Besides, their main purpose here was to see if Jack had actually become a sugar baby for money.

From the earlier situation when that wealthy lady got agitated, it was evident enough that their relationship was not that straightforward. This alone was enough for them.

“That’s Selena’s husband?” Rue took a look at Jack and frowned as well. She said in a soft tone, “I didn’t expect him to do such a thing for money!”

After a moment, three more first-class aristocratic families had arrived as well.

They were the Mont family’s young master, Grayson Mont, a fat lady from the George family, Sharon George, and the master of the Roy family, Robert Roy.

After all three major families arrived, another round of cheers and applause roared from the crowd.

The members of the Drake family arrived soon after. This time it was Timothy who came with a few bodyguards from the Drake family.

After Timothy arrived, it did not take long for him to notice Jack. His expression instantly turned bitter. He said, “Why did he come here? Who’s that woman next to him? He had the audacity to not take his bodyguard job seriously and instead come over for a date?”

Timothy looked at Jack from a distance. He felt very displeased in his heart. However, he soon decided to pretend not to see him and walked alongside the members of the Four Major Families as they got seated in the front most seats which were intentionally reserved for them.

After a few minutes went by, an elderly man with a short and quirky hairstyle walked up the auction stage with a smile.

“What a crowd we have here today. Even some wealthy merchants who were uninformed by us of this event are also present here today!”

The elderly man glanced down the stage and spoke with a smile, “Let me start with an introduction, I’m today’s supervisor…”

After the introduction was over, the elderly man said, “There is only one item we’ll be auctioning off today and it is none other than a luminous pearl we had previously obtained. This item here is a precious treasure indeed. Not only is it the size of a ping-pong ball, it has the effect of extending one’s lifespan and if it’s placed near one’s bed, it will aid their sleep.”

“Alright already! Just tell us how much the base value is! Everyone here is very busy!” The Mont family’s young master seemed quite impatient as he bluntly said that.

“Yeah! I still have to go for lunch soon!” Sharon, who had an extremely fat face, mumbled her words unclearly while munching on some popcorn. She was obviously a heavy eater. Judging from the size of her body, she might have weighed around 240 pounds.

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