No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0160

“Why don’t you make a bid for me later? Just raise a random number. People will assume you’re my lackey. That way, your identity won’t be exposed!” Lana said that to Jack after some thought.

Jack nodded and said, “Sure, I want to mess with those two anyway!”

After he said that, Jack immediately raised his hand and said, “51 million!”

In that instant, everyone turned to look at him since the brat had only raised it by a million.

Even Lana was embarrassed by him because everyone else was raising the bid by multiples of 10 million and this man had disrupted the rhythm by only raising it by a million.

“Wow, Jack, I didn’t expect that wealthy lady of yours to be quite rich herself. She’s actually taking part in the auction!”

Michael was stunned. He then spoke with a smile, “Us members of wealthy families have already begun competing amongst ourselves. Therefore, you merchants should just forget about it. Just keep your money and stick to investments, alright!”

“Raising the bid in multiples of a million? It seems they couldn’t bear to part with their money?”

Immediately, Neil started chuckling. He then raised his hand and said, “I’ll raise to sixty million! You can ignore Jack’s bid now!”

After hearing that statement, the expressions of many wealthy merchants grew bitter. It was already obvious for them that they would be unable to snatch the item. Although they could still compete now, they would soon be unable to withstand the pressure from the major families.

Besides, even if they fought desperately to snatch the item, would this not offend them? That was something they needed to consider seriously.

“Young Master Neil, are you certain you’ll be able to ignore my bid price? You truly underestimate my friend here!” Jack chuckled and bluntly exclaimed, “A hundred million!”

“One-one hundred million?” The edge of Neil’s mouth twitched violently. Was this guy just not willing to part with his money earlier? How could he casually raise the value by so much?

“This guy showed his hand without beating around the bush!”

The Mont family’s Grayson looked at Jack in surprise. He exclaimed, “This guy sure is interesting!”

Ken leaned closer to Micheal’s side and said, “Young Master Michael, somehow something feels very off to me. How could that wealthy lady be so rich? There’re very few wealthy merchants who could so casually offer up a hundred million, let alone a girl. If this woman was using her husband’s money, it would be impossible for her to offer a hundred million dollars with so little regard. At the very least, she’ll need her man’s permission to do so, right? Could this be her own money? Is she a female entrepreneur? This seems to be the only reason that makes sense if she can spend that kind of money in such a confident manner.”

Micheal also had a puzzled look as he said, “However, don’t we know pretty much every wealthy woman in Eastfield? How could I have absolutely no recollection of anyone who could so casually fork out a hundred million dollars and let alone, at such a young age? I believe she’s a secret mistress to some major wealthy man or else, it would be impossible for me to not know her.”

“this will definitely put a stop to regular merchants bidding now!” A wealthy merchant who had originally intended to offer a 70 million bid let out a bitter laugh. He had now completely given up.

However, the stunt had made many people skeptical of Lana’s identity. Who exactly was she to make such a ruthless offer!

“Oh my, you’re rich, you handsome man!” Sharon had not paid much attention to Jack earlier. However, when she turned to look at him, she gulped as she thought about just how handsome he was. He radiated masculinity and had the effect of making people fall in love with him at first sight.

As he noticed a fat woman gulping while staring at him, Jack’s heart shuddered as he said, “It’s not me who’s rich, I’m merely helping my friend next to me to bid!”

“How handsome!” Sharon winked at him and said in her charmed state, “Hey handsome, do you want me to bid for that item for you and give it to you to show you my feelings?”

Jack chuckled at that remark as he said, “Sorry, I’m not interested!”

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