No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0161

“Pfft! You’re no fun!” Sharon rolled her eyes at Jack, turned around, and said, “I’ll raise it to 120 million! I’m buying it for my grandfather. He seems to have trouble sleeping recently!”

“150 million!”

At this moment, the Roy family who had previously been silent all this time immediately stood up and raised his hand. He said, “I will raise the bid to 150 million dollars!”

“The Roy family’s master also has his eye on it to make that kind of bid!”

“That’s too much! He’s truly from a first-class aristocratic family. Spending 150 million dollars just to buy that luminous pearl? This price should be close to its original amount now!”

“I’m not sure if anyone else would still fight for it?”

Many of the wealthy merchants were in complete shock.

It had only taken a few couple minutes for the price to skyrocket from 10 million to a baffling 150 million dollars.

When Micheal thought about gaining Selena’s favor and how she might jump into his arms after giving her such an expensive gift, he stood up while gritting his teeth and said, “180 million!”

“Good lord!”

At the side, Ken was shocked by his actions as he said, “Don’t act so rashly, Young Master Michael. Although this pearl is precious, 180 million dollars is way too much. Even I don’t desire fighting for it any longer…”

“What do you know? I have my uses for it. This pearl might actually extend one’s lifespan. The staff from the auction have validated the fact that if this pearl is placed next to one’s pillow for an extended period of time, it can slow down one’s metabolism. Although its merely a subtle change, it’s actually quite effective!”

Although Micheal was explaining this to him, he was actually scoffing in his heart. He secretly muttered, “Just wait till I give this pearl to Selena. After I sleep with her and gift her this in front of you while she’s in my embrace, will you truly understand what winning in life means. You’ll be so envious of me then.”

Women often had little to no resistance toward certain precious items, not to mention that this would cost him 180 million dollars. Selena might actually be incredibly touched once she knew this. Moreover, after he told Selena about Jack going to look for a wealthy woman, he could use the opportunity of her despair to comfort her. Would this not work out for him then? Micheal cracked a grin on the edge of his lips while thinking of this.

“Nephew Michael, are you going to fight for the thing I have my eye on as well?”

Robert frowned before he smiled at Michael and said, “Are youngsters like you not uninterested in enjoying life without any regard anymore? When did you start getting interested in treasures like these?”

Robert was completely speechless as he assumed his high bid for the pearl would allow him to obtain it without a doubt. However, he had never expected…

“Uncle Robert, this is an auction so it’s a free for all, right? There is no trivial rule that youngsters have to submit to their elders now, is there?” Michael shrugged his shoulders.

The edges of Robert’s mouth violently twitched but in the end, he still spoke with a smile. “Fine. Since you want to fight against me, then don’t mind if I do! 200 million!”

“Are you mad? The Roy family is a first-class aristocratic family!” Ken instinctively tugged Michael as he advised him with a soft tone.

“So what if it’s a first-class aristocratic family? The Wilson family is very close to being one soon. Besides, if a first-class aristocratic family harbored hatred just because they lost a bid, wouldn’t that be too petty? Are they not afraid of being mocked by people?”

When Michael started thinking about Selena’s body and how amazing it would feel to hug her, he felt excited. Barely getting seated again, he immediately stood up and was just about to raise his hand to make a bid.

At the moment, no one else dared to name their bids anymore. It seemed it was now down to him and the Roy family. This item would soon be in his hands.

Right then, a loud sigh followed by a lazy sounding voice could be heard, instantly silencing the entire room. “300 million.”

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