No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0165

Michael was having a private conversation with Ken nearby and it did not take them long to notice the group of people.

“Yeah, they were swarmed immediately after exiting. Judging from the look of things, someone hired them privately. Oh boy, Jack and that woman better be ready for a world of trouble real soon!”

Michael nodded as he made his speculations.

“they might be after that luminous pearl!”

Ken chuckled and looked at Robert nearby as he said, “Could it be Robert’s doing? He was quite aggressive during the auction earlier.”

“Aside from him, it’s also possible that it might be Timothy’s doing. I have a feeling that Timothy isn’t someone who likes to be crossed!”

Michael looked at Timothy from the side.

At that moment, it did not matter who they were as everyone was interested to see what would happen after noticing the situation happening nearby. They would all not be leaving for now.

“Hey girl, you ain’t too bad and that body sure is something!” The bald man’s face was beaming as he approached Lana from the front and made that remark. He then said, “What are you wearing a facemask for? Come on now, let big brother take a look. How do you look?”

The bald man had a teasing look on his face. They thought that if they roughed a woman up, the man beside her would probably intervene since he was known to be quite capable.

When that happened, they could beat the man to a pulp and rob them blind at the same time. Of course, he would not mind feeling the woman up as they snatched that prized item off her. He wanted to feel her to his heart’s content and fully enjoy her body. However, they did not expect Jack to stand there beside her, completely unmoving.

“Weird, this man isn’t going to step in? Is he not afraid of what we’re going to do to this woman?”

The bald man was stunned but his arm was already reaching out toward Lana’s facemask. He wanted to rip it off.

“Awesome! We can now see who that woman truly is!” Micheal had been long interested to see who exactly the woman was. However, she had not taken the bait when they were intentionally provoking her at the auction earlier. They could not do a thing if she did not want to take her facemask off.

He did not expect the opportunity to come so soon.

Grayson looked at his lackeys beside him. They were also nodding in agreement as it seemed they wanted to know the woman’s identity and how she looked like, as well as how she was able to offer 500 milliion dollars to win the bid for that luminous pearl.

Neil eyeballed his bodyguard as they were waiting to watch how the scene unfolded.

Especially Jack, as he had the audacity to slap him three times previously. Today, he wanted him to know just what ruthless actually meant.

Just when the bald man’s hand was about to touch Lana’s facemask, Lana grabbed his wrist in an instant.

“Ah!” That bald man immediately yelled out in pain as the strength that came from Lana was terrifyingly strong. A slight twitch was enough to make him nearly kneel and scream out in agony. Was this an actual woman? How could this woman who was dressed in such feminine clothing possess such inhuman strength?

“So, you think trash like you have the right to touch me?” When Lana was at the auction earlier, she was forced to roll with the punches in order to prevent her identity from being exposed. She did not expect that the instant she got out, she would be met with a situation like this. This instantly ignited the fury in her chest.

“Dammit, I’m still a 6th degree black belt taekwondo master!” The bald man gritted his teeth before giving Lana a kick.

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