No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0166

“Good lord! That bald man happens to be black belt taekwondo master and a 6th degree even!”

“Yeah! That’s pretty impressive!”

Two wealthy merchants exclaimed immediately as they witnessed the scene.


Unfortunately at the very next second, everyone was completely baffled as they all saw Lana release his wrist and immediately clench her fist, instantly connecting it with the man’s thigh.

A strong wave of force instantly sent the bald man flying as he landed on the ground two meters away.

The bald man cried out in agony again when he crashed on the ground.

“So, it seems like a 6th degree black belt is nothing more than this!” Lana chuckled, extremely dissatisfied.

“That woman is actually this powerful?”

They were all shocked once again when as they watched what happened.

“F*ck it, let’s all go after them!”

The bald man gritted his teeth and when he picked himself off the ground, he realized that the skin on his palms was all scraped off. He felt extremely humiliated as he was being watched by many powerful people at the moment.

In that instant, those holding steel pipes immediately rushed forward all at once. Of course, there were also some black belt masters in the mix.

“Need help? Although you seem like you can handle yourself but as a gentleman, I should still ask!” Jack had a calm look on his face as he stood on the side.

“I can take care of these scum!” There was no hint of fear from Lana as she stood to face these men who were rushing at her. Rather, she approached them on her own accord.

It did not take long for such a baffling scene to occur happen. It did not matter if they were black belt masters or regular thugs, they all laid agonizingly on the ground in less than two minutes while crying out in pain.

“Tell me baldy, what are you guys after? Are you guys planning to snatch the luminous pearl off me? Who hired you guys?” Lana had finally walked in front of the bald man and questioned him with a cold tone. She emanated a terrifying aura.

“We’re dead now, young master. There were so many people, even several black belt masters, and they were still no match for them!”

“In the case that he rats us out, would they come after us?” Neil’s personal bodyguard was so terrified at that moment, his legs trembling as he felt slightly weak. He heard Neil say that Jack was incredibly powerful. Why did he get the feeling that this wealthy lady was even more terrifying than Jack?

Although he had not seen Jack unleash his powers yet but based on the combat ability the woman had showcased earlier, she could only be described as terrifying. He knew in his heart that he was absolutely no match against her.

“Don’t panic, didn’t they mention earlier that their lips are sealed? They will never rat us out!” Neil was also slightly worried in his heart. He tried to stay calm as he said that, gulping.

“We-we’re just passing through. We only came over after we noticed how attractive you are!” The bald man cunningly replied, thinking quickly on his feet.

After he was done speaking, he noticed Lana’s long and sexy legs as he laid on the floor. His nose had nearly bled and with the angle he was in, it would have been embarrassing if she had not worn anything!

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