No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0167

“passing through?” Lana chuckled coldly and said, “I refuse to believe such a coincidence. We had just come out and somehow, you guys just so happen to appear here? Not to mention, if you were just passing through, why’d you bring along a crowd with you?”

“We were originally planning to pick a fight with someone else, hence the crowd. However when we were passing through here, we noticed your huge breasts and perky butt. I could not hold myself back from toying with you both.” The bald man continued.

Nearby, when Neil and his bodyguard heard that excuse, they let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately that bald man was smart enough to spin an excuse and not rat them out.

At the very next second however, Lana immediately stomped on the back of the man’s hand. She spoke in a terrifyingly voice. “Have I not been letting you come clean? I refuse to believe in coincidences! It’s a good thing that you guys appeared after the auction was over!”

“I-I’m telling you the truth!” The bald man gritted his teeth and persisted with his lie.

The expressions of many men dimmed upon witnessing Lana’s ruthlessness. Although this woman was attractive, any man of hers would have difficulties in controlling her.

Both Ken and his bodyguard grew anxious again.

“Let’s bail now in case they break, young master. I think this woman isn’t the type to talk things out! Not to mention, Jack is also a dangerous man to mess with!” The bodyguard was already starting to become afraid as he whispered that to Ken.

“It’s not wise to leave now, right? The others are spectating here so if we’re the only people to leave, wouldn’t this show that we’re guilty? At that point, we might rat ourselves out before they do!” Neil’s expression was dim since not a single person from either the Mont family, the George family, the Roys’, or the Young’s had left the scene. Even the wealthy merchants were patiently waiting for a good show so how could they leave then?

“you have a pretty tight mouth there!” Since Lana noticed the man was unwilling to spill the beans, she aimed at a very specific spot on his body as she laughed and said, “Say, if I stomp my foot there, would you actually become a eunuch?”

As soon as he heard that, the bald man nearly wet himself. That was far too brutal.

Lana was already lifting her leg when the bald man hesitated. Her high heels seemed too blinding to look at.

“I…” The bald man looked at Neil’s direction and was not bold enough to speak since he had made a promise to Young Master Neil. However, he also did not want to end up as a eunuch.

As Neil gritted his teeth, that imbecile actually pointed at him before yelling out, “Even if you kill me, I won’t speak a damn word!”

Lana looked at Neil before releasing the man. She calmly said, “Your lips are definitely sealed alright!”

“Come over, Young Master Neil!” After she said that, Lana gestured at Neil to come over.

“Lady, pretty lady. What are you calling me for?” Neil had a bitter look on his face and his voice sounded shaky.

“So you expect me to come over and personally bring you here? You won’t live to see tomorrow if I have to do so.” Lana exclaimed coldly.

“You’re not afraid now, are you, Young Master Neil? So you’re a coward then, Young Master Neil?” Jack cackled out loud with a disdainful look on his face.

Young Master Neil gritted his teeth and walked over. He said, “What’s there to be afraid of, it’s not my doing anyway. Therefore, why should I be afraid? This is truly comical!”

“Exactly, we’re not afraid!” His personal bodyguard also followed behind immediately. He then furiously told the bald man who was lying on the ground, “Who the hell are you? Why are you blindly pointing at Young Master Neil? Are you trying to frame our Young Master Neil?”

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