No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0168

“Truly unexpected. It was actually Young Master Neil’s doing!”

On another side, Ken frowned and said, “Why did Neil do that?”

“I’ve never heard of Neil having a grudge against Jack before and he didn’t pursue Selena as well, right?”

“From the look of things, he is most likely after the luminous pearl! He doesn’t wish to spend money on it so he had someone else rob it for him! I didn’t expect that woman to be so powerful!”

Michael began to speculate. None of them were fools and it was obviously Neil’s doing when the bald man pointed directly at them instead of anyone else.

“It’s unclear what exactly Neil was thinking of to take such a risk when her identity is still a mystery!” On the other hand, Grayson chuckled coldly.

Sharon was completely star-struck as she only stared at Jack. She could no longer hold herself back as she walked up with a few people beside her and asked Jack, “Hey handsome, you’re Jack, right? Can I add you on WeChat?”

Jack felt awkward as he replied, “Sorry, I’m not into these sorts of things!”

“Oh please, you’re only with that wealthy lady for money, right?

“Just tell me, how much does she give you per month? I’ll double it!” She then continued, “But I’m still a virgin and I’ve never given ‘that’ a thought… So, we’ll take it slow, alright?”

Jack was agitated from that remark. He, a proud guardian of Daxia, an honorable Supreme Warrior, was actually being…

He decided to ignore Sharon completely as he then spoke to Neil, “Neil, do you think we can believe a word you say?”

“He’s framing me. What right do you both have to accuse me of hiring these people?” Neil puffed out his chest and spoke confidently.


However, Jack immediately gave Neil a hard slap as he said, “Who gave you permission to lie?”

“You-you dare hit me?” Neil was beyond furious as his face warmed instantly.

There were second and first-class aristocratic families present, along with many wealthy merchants. Moreover, even the Drake family’s young master was here. Yet, Jack still dared to hit him. With so many people watching, how would he be able to show his face anywhere else in the future? Although he was previously slapped thrice, there had not been many powerful people present then.


Jack gave him a back-handed slap again as he said, “It’s not the first time anyway. Since you’re this forgetful, naturally, I should educate you well!”

His personal bodyguard was completely shocked as he wondered who was Jack exactly? How could a veteran act so rashly? How could he actually be bold enough to hit Neil? Their Young Master Neil happened to be a young master to a second-class aristocratic family!

“No way! Jack’s actually this bold?” Even Timothy was shocked as he wondered if he was mistaking the scene at hand.

Robert, the Roy family’s master, was also stunned as he thought about just how bold this brat had to be.

“That’s awesome, you finally unleashed your fury! I actually thought you lacked masculinity when you didn’t do anything earlier. I didn’t expect my Prince Charming to be so masculine. I-I worship you deeply. Oh, I absolutely adore you now!” Standing at the side, Sharon was completely charmed. She clasped both hands together while placing them on her chest, her eyes filled completely with stars.

“This idiot… Is he not afraid of angering the Hugo family?” Michael was gobsmacked as this scene was something he had not expected.

His personal bodyguard could no longer hold himself back. He immediately clenched his fist before lunging forward to unleash a powerful martial arts move at Jack.

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