No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0169

However, Jack moved his body slightly to the side, easily avoiding the assault before giving him a swift kick that instantly connected with the man’s chest.

The man coughed out blood as his body shot up several meters from the ground before smacking back down against the ground. He felt a sharp pain radiate from every inch of his body, it was as if every bone in his body was about to break.

“Really, it really wasn’t me!” How could Neil even dare admit it was himself. If he did, would that not mean he was admitting to being a vile and petty person?

If word got out about him hiring some thugs to snatch the item away after losing the auction, it would put the Hugo family’s reputation into the dirt without a doubt.

“So, you lack the courage to admit something you’re bold enough to do? What kind of man are you?” Jack gave another back-handed slap across the man’s face.

This time, Jack put more force into it, so it did not take long for the man’s face to swell up.

“You, if you dare hit me again, I’ll let my father know and he’ll never let you go…”


“I-I’m the Hugo family’s young master…”


Every time Neil tried to argue, Jack would slap him across the face, sounding louder and sharper than normal.

“Yes, it was me!” Neil was at the brink of tears and if he persisted under these circumstances, he would be slapped to death by Jack.

However, he immediately added, “But I only hired them to beat you up. That was because when we met previously, we had some conflicts and I held onto that grudge ever since. I only wanted to teach you a lesson and had absolutely no intention to snatch that luminous pearl from you!”

“I can barely believe half the things you say!” Jack stared coldly at his swollen face, waved his hand, and said, “Beat it. Best you show up less often in front of me in the future. Since you’re clueless on how you should act as a human and love lying, I’ll give you a good lesson on how to act like a human!”

“You…” Neil still wanted to impulsively leave behind some threats since it was an ingrained habit. However, after being glared at by Jack, it terrified him so much that he turned around and bolted away.

After the bodyguard noticed the current situation, he clambered up from the ground immediately and ran away with Neil.

“That idiot. How dare he hit Neil?’ Michael frowned as he was also a young master to a second-class aristocratic family. However, the brat was so bold that he had actually hit Neil in public without being afraid of the Hugo family’s retaliation.

However, he soon thought about something else. Could it be because of how powerful the woman’s status was? Without a doubt, Jack had to be standing under the shadow of the woman’s protection to do what he did earlier.

“This time, you’re not being quite as low profile. A mix of major and minor powers from Eastfield have witnessed what you’ve done!” Lana said to Jack in a soft tone while looking at him.

“Sigh, if I don’t demonstrate some ferocity, I’m worried they might annoy me like flies!”

“Besides, didn’t you provide me with some form of cover earlier? Your performance earlier terrified them!” Jack lowered his voice as he said that. It sounded very soft so most people would find it very difficult to hear him.

“Let’s go! Lana led Jack back to her sports car.

“Hey handsome, you can also leave me your number. I know you’re called Jack, am I right? I overheard it earlier. Hey, don’t leave. I’ll find you and don’t you worry, I can double the price. If you think I’m fat, I can lose weight too!”

“I was also a beauty back then!” Sharon’s voice could be heard from behind them. Although she was fat, her voice was still quite sweet.

After the car left, Sharon lowered her head depressingly and looked at the excess fat on her belly. She said, “I really was a beauty back then. However, I-I just can’t control my mouth!”

Swiftly at noon that day, news of Neil being slapped and the mysterious woman spending 500 million to buy the luminous pearl spread all across town.

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