No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0171

“Nope!” Ivan shook his head and said, “After a round of fierce bidding, the luminous pearl landed in the hands of a mysterious woman. She didn’t seem old, but she bidded for it with 500 million dollars and won.”

“500 million dollars?” Old Master Taylor inhaled sharply after hearing that. This was an impossible price; even if the Taylor family knew about the bidding beforehand, they would have just attended it for fun. They were incapable of gathering that much cash for a luminous pearl.

But of course, the Taylor family did have the money. They just needed to keep their assets for development. Therefore, their capital was not as huge as some second or third-class aristocratic families.

“The woman who paid 500 million dollars, is she the wife of some first-class aristocratic family head?” Theodore was shocked.

“Probably not, she was wearing a face mask and shades, and she seemed very mysterious. Word around town is she has an amazing body and is probably in her twenties. No one knows if she’s got a billionaire sugar daddy or how she looks. She’s rich and powerful!”

“I heard that just as she left the auction, she was circled by Neil Hugo’s men. They were probably trying to steal the luminous pearl but guess what? There were about 50 or 60 men at the scene, including a few black belt holders, but they were all defeated by the woman. This woman is no joke!”

After saying so, Ivan continued, “I heard the man who slapped Neil was accompanying the woman. I suspect that he’s her bodyguard but some said that it was her sugar baby since he was quite good-looking! Anyway, I don’t know everything about the situation since the millionaire who was talking to me was unclear about some things.”

“This shows that the woman definitely has a complicated background!”

Old Master Taylor nodded and said, “I don’t care whether that guy is the woman’s sugar baby or her bodyguard. Given that he had the courage to slap Neil Hugo, it shows that he does not fear the Hugo family at all!”

“But aren’t the only people who don’t fear the Hugo family include the Four Major Families and the Roy family? This woman is not from those families. Could it be that she came from another town?”

Theodore was confused. If it was someone from those families, everyone would’ve recognized her even with the face mask and shades.

“Probably not. Let’s not forget that these powers are prominent and well-known!” Old Master Taylor forced a smile and added, “What about the powers underground? They’re not weak at all. Just look at the Dragon God Clan who lost 200 men to an attack a few days ago. These powers are scarier since we don’t know how much money they have! On top of that, veterans have been coming home recently, and there are some generals or warlords among them. They’re rich as well!”

“That makes sense… Anyway, since he dared to hit Neil Hugo, this shows that he has a complicated background as well!”

Ivan nodded and said, “I heard that the woman has an amazing body, but no one knows how she looks. Meanwhile, the man seems threatening enough if he hit Neil to the brink of tears.”

“I’m curious, who is the hero who killed 200 men from the Dragon God Clan? The Dragon God Clan is no good news, so everyone’s hailing the killer as a hero now!”

Old Master Taylor forced a smile and said, “This time, after the attack on Neil, who knows how the Hugo family will feel. The Hugo family is strict on discipline and extremely careful about things. They’ve been worried that Neil would get into trouble and that was why they did not allow him to command any bodyguards. Alas, there’s still an issue.”

“Dad, our men checked it out the next day. They said that there was a sandal’s print in the unfinished building. Judging from that, the mysterious hero must have been wearing sandals at the time!” Ivan was deep in thought for a while before saying, “F*ck, being able to kill so many men of the Dragon God Clan while wearing sandals? My idol, this is definitely my idol!”

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