No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0172

“Stop talking about idols!” Theodore glared at his own son and said, “For those first and second-class aristocratic families, of course they would know someone this strong, right? Take Dan Jameson from the Clark family. I heard that he could defeat a few hundred men alone!”

“Dad, Dan is definitely no match for my idol! Think about it, my idol is very mysterious and righteous. He had the courage to fight the evil forces! Secondly, he was fighting in sandals and managed to come out of it safely. As for Dan, I heard that he suffered severe injuries back then. Therefore, I believe that the man who dared fight the Dragon God Clan is definitely a lot more powerful than Dan!” The more Ivan thought about it, the more he idolized the mystery man. He wished that he could meet his idol.

“Sigh, unfortunately for us, although we have quite a few bodyguards ourselves, they’re not great. None of them are strong enough.”

“Nowadays to get a better bodyguard, it would cost a few hundred thousand dollars. In fact, some of them will demand for over a million dollars for their monthly salaries. If we were to hire a few of them, it would cost a lot!”

Theodore sighed and said, “What we need to do now is to get the South City property project. When we get it, we’ll have more money to hire some professionals!”

Old Master Taylor looked at Ivan and said, “You have to talk about this with Selena, okay? I know there were misunderstandings between you two back then, but I hope that for the sake of the Taylor family, both of you will be able to let bygones be bygones!”

“Don’t worry grandpa, I’m okay. I’m just worried that Selena might still be mad about it!”

Ivan continued with a smile, “When we become a second-class aristocratic family, we must get a few professionals. If we could hire the man who killed the 200 men of the Dragon God Clan overnight, that would be great!”

Soon after leaving the auction, Lana passed Jack the box with the luminous pearl inside. Seeing that it was getting late, Jack got on his electric scooter to fetch Selena from work.

At the same time, Timothy was sitting with Old Master Drake and the others at the dinner table.

“Where’s the luminous pearl? Did you win the bid?” Old Master Drake looked over at Timothy and asked.

The family had stayed home for the day so they did not hear about what happened in the afternoon.

“You’ve probably gotten it, haven’t you? I heard that the starting bid wasn’t high, so I estimated that you could bid for it with a maximum of a hundred million dollars!”

“Getting such a huge luminous pearl with a hundred million dollars, on top of helping improve sleep and extending one’s life; a hundred million dollars would be worth it!” Tanya said happily.

“If only it was that easy!” Timothy forced a smile and said, “It was bidded by a mysterious woman. But I’m curious about one thing. Jack was there as well with her. Who is that woman? She was strong so who knows if Jack was really her sugar baby or her bodyguard!”

The more Timothy thought about it, the more he frowned. “If Jack really was her bodyguard, that isn’t that betraying us, the Drake family? He’s the Drake family’s bodyguard. Is he doing this part-time behind our backs? How could someone be this unprofessional?”

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