No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0173

“Brother, what are you saying? What mysterious woman? What professional bodyguard? And why was Jack there?” After hearing her brother mumbling to himself, Tanya was confused.

“Oh, so this happened. When I arrived today, I realized…”

Timothy looked at the crowd and started speaking about this afternoon’s events.

“Jack actually hit Master Hugo? That woman used 500 million dollars to bid for the luminous pearl? My God, I should’ve followed you there this afternoon. I shouldn’t have slept in. I missed such a great show!”

Tanya was worked up over it. The more she thought about it, the more she regretted not following her brother to the auction today.

“Jack is a sugar baby? It’s funny people actually think so. Jack has enough money. Moreover, we pay him 20 million dollars a month, which is more than enough for him. Does he really need to be a sugar baby?”

James Drake laughed and said, “Since this woman was wearing a face mask and shades, I think she definitely has a complicated background. As for Jack, it’s impossible that he was her bodyguard. They were probably together as friends. It’s already a downgrade for Jack to be a bodyguard for us, so it’d be impossible for him to find a part-time job!”

“Dad, aren’t you putting him on too high of a pedestal? Is he really that strong?” Timothy had always thought that his father thought too highly of Jack.

“You’re too young. Remember what I said, you can’t offend this man. Of course you can’t let him feel that we’re trying to get on his good side as well or allow him to feel annoyed of us! But when we get the chance, we should help him and make him feel that owing a favor to us is the best idea! I believe he has connections with the God of War!” James said with a laugh.

As he spoke, he came to a realization and exclaimed, “My God, the woman with the face mask and shades today, how old did she look?”

Timothy thought about it and replied, “Even with the face mask and shades, although I couldn’t see her clearly with a cap but we how she physically looked like overall, I would say that she’s just over 20.”

“Is she really just over 20?” James asked excitedly.

“She’s definitely under 30. If I’m not wrong, she’s about 27 or 28!”

Timothy added, “What’s going on? Dad, do you have a guess who she is?”

“27 or 28?” James’ pupils dilated. He said, “It’s probably not the God of War, is it? It could be that she’s a Goddess of War. I heard that she doesn’t like getting bothered recently. She rejected all the rich businessmen and families who wanted to have a meal with her! If she really wanted to go out, it’s logical that she would wear a face mask and shades!”

“My dear, now that you’ve said it, I think it’s possible. After all, for a woman to be able to whip out 500 million dollars and defeat nearly 60 men easily, more so with a few black belt holders amongst them—could she really be the Goddess of War?”

Timothy inhaled sharply and was stunned. “It’s not really possible that rich women from other cities came to the auction. After all, news about it only came out yesterday so people from other cities would probably not have been able to hear about it so soon. Seeing how strong and young that woman was, she’s probably the Goddess of War!”

“That’s right. Since Jack was with her, this further proves that their relationship is unusual!”

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