No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0175

Timothy thought of something and said, “Yes, yes, at the time, Michael Wilson and the Roy family, were all asking about who she was. Apart from that, we did not really argue. At least, I did not!”

James let out a sigh of relief upon hearing that. “If that’s the case, that’s a little better. Remember, Jack and that woman, including anyone who’s with Jack, cannot be offended. Otherwise, if he’s pissed, the Drake family might have to leave Eastfield’s circle for real.”

“Okay, I got it!” Timothy was relieved. He was thankful for himself that he did not stir trouble with them today. Otherwise, he might have ended up like Neil Hugo.

At this very moment, Master Hugo had already known about what happened that day. Master Hugo, together with some important members of the family, convened at the house. As for Neil, he was standing with his head low and face swollen in front of Master Hugo.

“You idiot, aren’t you a brave one? I’ve told you time after time that you should not be causing trouble but you ignored me! On top of that, you also hired men to snatch the luminous pearl, didn’t you? You’re embarrassing, you’ve embarrassed our family!” Master Hugo was so angry that his fists were clenched and his eyes were red.

“Dad, this was my fault! But that fellow Jack went overboard as well. He hit me in front of everyone, isn’t that signaling that he’s hitting the Hugo family in the face? We can’t let this slide, you have to do something!” Neil looked up and said angrily, “The men I hired were going to teach Jack a lesson since he was looking down on me while riding an electric scooter the last time. I just wanted to teach him a lesson about it, I didn’t mean to snatch the luminous pearl!”

“I don’t care if you meant it, what’s the use of explaining this to me now? Your men charged toward them just as they left the auction, and the men were aiming for the woman. Other people would think that you’re trying to snatch the luminous pearl because you lost the bid! With a petty man like you, who else would want to work with us in the future?”

Master Hugo was pissed. “The only thing that I’m hearing is that you brought men over in an attempt to snatch the luminous pearl but ended up getting beaten up instead.”

“I…” Neil was left speechless. Truth be told, he did plan to just snatch the luminous pearl from them as well, even though the idea had come from his bodyguard.

“Master, no matter what, this is how it is now!”

“Who knows who that woman is, but as for Jack, he’s just a veteran. Since he dared to hit Young Master, what does this say? This says that the woman must be of a certain status as well, so that must have been why he wasn’t afraid of offending us!”

An old man thought about it further and asked Master Hugo, “What should we do now?”

“Bring the men, we’ll find Jack now!” Master Hugo thought it through and replied.

“Okay, let’s go. Damn it, he was disregarding the Hugo family and shaming us. Let’s go teach him a lesson!”

Neil was excited. After all, his father did love him. His father was finally doing something for him.

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