No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0178

After hearing what Fiona had to say, Jack came to a realization. It was bastard Michael Wilson; he left the auction, came to see Fiona, and made things up about Jack. Selena took a good look at the photo with a frown. She seemed a little displeased. After all, although she had never worn any watch that was too expensive, she still recognized a few prominent brands. The woman’s watch was worth over a million dollars; on top of that, her earrings seemed expensive as well.

“Were you really not working at the Drake family’s house today?” Selena was staring right at Jack. She was in disbelief; if Jack did lie to her, she would lose everything.

After that fateful night back then, she decided to keep the baby through gritted teeth as she did not want to give it up. As for Jack, she had not been close to him; she did not know much about this man at all. She did regret what happened on her wedding night. She did contemplate aborting her baby. However, she could not bring herself to do so to her own child.

She did not want others to make fun of Kylie as the bastard child; she had been looking forward to Jack coming home alive. As long as he turned out to be a good husband and father, she would be fine with it.

Jack eventually made it back alive. Judging from their interactions in the past few days, she realized that this man was pretty responsible and seemed handsome too. He was good to her and her daughter. That was why she was satisfied with Jack. She wanted to just live the rest of her days peacefully; their relationship could be built over time.

However, if Jack really did lie to her, his dishonesty would be a hit on her head; that would mean that her sacrifice for the past few years meant nothing. If Jack really was seeing a rich woman behind her back, even if it was for money or for the family, she would not be able to take it.

Men like this lacked strength in their character; they were too useless. Selena Taylor’s man should not be someone like this; even if he was a construction worker, he should never become a sugar baby.

“Work?” Just as Jack was about to explain himself, Xena unexpectedly sneered again, “I think he’s probably gotten into trouble again and ended up getting kicked out by the Drake family. He’s probably lying to us as well, he might not even be a bodyguard for the Drake family, he might actually be a sugar baby secretly. He’s just lying to earn money!”

“Jack, tell me the truth, otherwise, you won’t be allowed into this house tonight.” Fiona had her hands crossed in front of her chest; she had a proud expression on her face.

“Selena, it doesn’t matter whether they believe me!” Jack exhaled deeply and continued, “Don’t you know what kind of person Michael Wilson is? Based on the fact that he came over to see your mom, do you really think that his words can be trusted?”

Selena was stunned. She thought about the last encounter she had with Michael at the restaurant. It was when Michael first exposed how horrible of a person he was; he did use dirty tricks to threaten her to go on a date with him past midnight.

It was true; a man like this should not be trusted.

“So, you should give me and my mother an explanation! Who is that woman in the photo?” Selena was believing Jack for the most part, but she continued asking questions.

“That’s right, you have to give us an explanation. Why is this woman so rich, and why did she wear a face mask and shades when no one else did?”

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