No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0180

“You’re getting better and better at lying. You actually made it sound so real that I nearly believed you!” Fiona quickly sneered again.

“Jack, you’re too disappointing!” Andrew shook his head defeatedly and gave Jack a disappointing look. “I realized that ever since you came back from the army, you like exaggerating things. You’re acting as if you’re somebody after being a soldier for a mere few years, and easily agreed to whip out thirty million dollars at the old master’s seventieth birthday celebration. You’ve also been fighting with everyone, now that you finally have a job, it turns out to be fake. You didn’t go to work at all, you went to become a rich woman’s sugar baby!”

Andrew paused at this moment before continuing, “I just didn’t expect you to claim that the Goddess of War is your friend just to cover your tracks. why don’t you say that all nine of them are your friends?”

Jack felt awkward. Thankfully, he did not mention that all nine of the Gods of War were his students; otherwise, they would be in bigger disbelief.

“Selena, do you believe me?” Jack finally looked at Selena and said with a serious face, “I don’t care if they believe me, as long as you do!”

However, Selena began laughing at this moment; she seemed a little disappointed as well. “Believe you? How do you think I could still believe you? If you said she’s your friend, I can buy that, but you’re now saying that she’s a Goddess of War. Have you been watching too much TV? Are people like Gods of War that approachable?”

“Yes, yes!” Xena crossed her arms in front of her chest and said, “I heard that even the Masters of the first or second-rated families who paid visits to the Gods of War were not even let into their houses. You were just a soldier, but you’re saying that the Goddess of War is your friend? Impossible!”

Jack’s expression darkened; he stomped his foot and reached Xena within the blink of an eye before smacking her with the back of his hand. Xena was slapped before she knew what was going on. She was stunned.

Soon after that, she held her cheek, and she was so angry that her chest was moving rapidly. “Bastard, you hit me? What, you’re angry because I exposed you?”

Jack stared at her coldly and said, “You can say that I was just a soldier, but you can’t say that about anyone else. We killed enemies on the frontline for the country and your peaceful lives, so many people have died as a result of that, but you were here shaming the warriors who fought for Daxia’s stability.”

“I…” Xena did not expect that her words could get Jack this worked up. Moreover, Jack’s gaze was too terrifying.

She had never seen such a terrifying gaze; she was so scared that she backed up unconsciously before replying, “I don’t care, you betrayed Ben’s sister, so you betrayed my sister, I’m defending her!”

“Enough!” Selena yelled with a cold expression before saying to Xena, “Xena, you’ve yet to marry into our family, you’re still an outsider, you have no business talking about us!”

“Selena, why are you still defending this bastard Jack?” Fiona was pissed. She ran over through gritted teeth, pulled Selena aside, and said, “Xena has already been dating your brother for two to three years, she’s not an outsider, she’s already our daughter-in-law in my heart. Of course, she has the right to speak about this!”

Selena opened her mouth but held herself back. She said, “Mom, I just don’t like Xena, you just don’t know some things!”

“Bullsh*t, do you think I don’t know what kind of girl Xena is? It’s not my first time meeting her!” Fiona continued, “But you, Jack has been lying to you time after time, but you’re still defending him. Do you know how worried we are for you? This brat will harm you one day! You should divorce him as soon as possible!”

“Son of a b*tch, how dare you hit my girlfriend, are you looking for death? I’ll fight you today!” Ben clenched his fists and charged toward Jack. His fist was aiming for Jack.

This time, Jack acted quickly and grabbed him by the arm before pulling it hard. Ben fell onto the ground with his face down.

“I don’t care if she’s your girlfriend. If she shames us warriors, especially those who have lost their lives, she deserves to be hit!”

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