No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0183

“But…” Seeing Neil walking toward them with all his men, Selena could not help but to worry for Jack. She was very angry at Jack for going to the auction with another woman and lying to her, saying that the woman was the Goddess of War. Despite that, the two of them still had feelings for each other after all the time they spent together. Now that Jack was in danger, she realized she was very worried about Jack. What if Jack dies? Does that mean Kylie would lose her father?

“Come on, sister. Let’s get into the house!” Ben stepped forward as well. A few of them dragged Selena into the house. Jenny carried Kylie as she followed them into the house.

“Master Hugo, Jack was the one responsible for what happened this morning. It has nothing to do with our family!” Fiona immediately shouted at Master Hugo and his men who were in the yard after retreating into the house. She was afraid the people would beat her up or kill her.

“Mum, Jack’s mother. Is she still outside? Ask her to come in!” Selena was worried sick. The door was closed and they could only stand behind the window and see what was happening outside.

“You’re too kind. Why ask her to come in when she didn’t want to come in herself? She’s his mother, not your mother. Let her accompany him if she wants to do so. Moreover, what if the Hugo family is not happy after she comes in? What will you do if she puts us in trouble?” Fiona did not agree.

“Son, did you really hit the young master of the Hugo family?” Joan would not leave her son’s side. He was her only support. How could she leave him alone and hide in the house?

However, coming to the thought that the Hugo family was a second-class aristocratic family, Joan was terrified as well. She looked at Jack anxiously and hoped that everything was not real.

Jack nodded his head, “I gave him a few slaps. That guy is useless; I’m teaching him a lesson on behalf of his parents!”

Joan nearly passed out after listening to what he said. Her son surely changed a lot after coming back from the army. He liked to fight against injustice However, this was a battlefield itself. If he kept offending powerful forces like them, how would he survive? Something bad would happen sooner or later if this went on like that.

“Gentlemen, my son, he might be a bit impulsive at times as he just came back from the battlefield. I hope you don’t blame him! Come at me if you want to kill!” Joan was afraid, but when the people from the Hugo family came near Jack, she as a mother plucked up her courage. She blocked Jack from the people with her thin body.

“Mum, why are you afraid of them? You don’t have to be afraid; they are no match for me! Don’t worry!” Looking at his terrified mother, Jack felt touched. He immediately tried to comfort his mother.

“What are you waiting for?” Master Hugo face darkened. He glared at his son, Neil.

Although Neil was reluctant, he had no choice but to lower his head and step forward. He knelt down in front of Jack, “Jack, I was wrong. I was a fool and I made a mistake. Please forgive me!”

Jack was ashamed. He thought that they were here to start a fight. Unexpectedly, he brought his son over to apologize. He looked at Master Hugo and could not help but to admire that man.

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