No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0186

Slap! Unfortunately, Master Hugo slapped Neil hard across the face, “Who are you yelling at? Can’t you see Jack was joking?”

“Dad, he…” Neil was fueled with anger. He wanted to tear Jack into pieces badly.

Master Hugo glared at him fiercely. Then, he turned around and cupped his hands as he said, “Jack, you’re such a humorous guy. I’ll make a move first, and sorry for disturbing you!”

“See you again!” Jack said calmly.

Soon after, the people from the Hugo family drove away. Neil felt aggrieved and insulted on his way back.

When they finally arrived at the villa’s yard, Neil could no longer hold back himself, “Dad, why did you stay silent when he treated you that way? We are a second-class aristocratic family, how can you let a soldier bully us like that? I can’t accept it!”

It was only then that Master Hugo turned around and looked at his son. He sighed with emotions,
“It’s not because I’m timid, I’m doing it for the sake of our whole family. We have come a long way from being an ordinary family of small businessmen to becoming who we are today in Eastfield. It wasn’t easy at all! I’ve seen many influential families get destroyed just because they offended someone who they shouldn’t offend.” He paused for a moment before he continued saying, “Moreover, not long ago, I heard someone from a first-class aristocratic family in the next town got removed from the list after offending a retired King of War. The master and several powerful members of the family were all killed. Only the servants got away!”

Neil gasped, “No way! That is incredible. How could he destroy a first-class aristocratic family just like that?!” Not long after, he started speaking again, “But dad, Jack is just an ordinary veteran. He’s just a soldier. You think too highly of him!”

“Keep this in mind. Don’t ever look down on anyone. Although Jack is neither famous nor powerful, why did he have the nerve to hit you? Why is he so carefree and fearless? That at least shows that the woman in the mask is someone we can’t afford to provoke!” Master Hugo nodded after he was done talking, “Don’t worry, after all these years, I have grown to have an eye for people. Don’t you ever dare to mess with Jack next time!”

“Alright…” Neil was not happy but he could only nod his head. He was unlucky this time.

“Mum, let me take a look. Is it really three million dollars in cash? It’s been quite some time since I last saw so much money!” Ben immediately rushed over to Fiona’s side and said excitedly once the people from the Hugo family left.

“What nonsense are you talking about? This is the money from the Hugo family, how can it be fake?” Fiona rolled her eyes at Ben. Then, she looked at Jack, “Jack, although the Hugo family let you off, you keep troubling us, causing us to live in fear every day. So…”

Jack knew what Fiona wanted to say. He immediately cut her off, “It’s only three million dollars, you can take it if you want, Mum. But it’s getting late now; it would be difficult for us to find a place to stay the night…”

Fiona laughed and said, “Hah, why look for a place to stay? It’s not like you don’t have a place to stay. Just stay here. But as you have mentioned, you have to give us the money you promised us on the old master’s birthday. This matter remains unchanged. If you can’t give us the money, you will be a liar. We will ask Selena to get a divorce! ”

“Yes. Either you give us the money and show us you’re not lying or prove to us that the Goddess of War is your friend, otherwise, we will not accept you!” Ben said.

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