No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0187

Selena remained a cold face as she glared at her mother, “Mom, don’t you think you changed your mind too fast? Even if you’re letting him stay, he cannot sleep in the same room as me. I’m still angry! It’s only three million dollars. I won’t trust this liar just for the money.” Selena spoke to Jack in such a harsh manner earlier. It was impossible she would change her attitude suddenly. It was too embarrassing for her.

“Where do you want him to sleep if both of you don’t sleep together? Don’t let him sleep on your bed then, lay a mattress on the ground!” Fiona felt assured carrying the three million dollars, “Don’t you worry, there are about twenty days left until your grandfather’s birthday. If he can’t give us forty million dollars by then, he will get kicked out. We will soon know whether he is a liar or not!”

“Forty million dollars? Didn’t we agree on thirty million dollars?” Jenny, the maid, was shocked, “Why did the amount increase by ten million dollars?”

“The price has increased. The betrothal gifts are not ten million but twenty million dollars now. Moreover, Jack agreed to this! Right, Jack?” Fiona crossed her arms in front of her chest as she stood there proud as always.

“Don’t worry, I will give you twenty million dollars. You won’t lose a single penny!” Jack smiled.

“Yes, yes, Selena’s mother. You have to believe my son. He is capable of earning the money!”
Joan stepped forward and said with a smile. After ending her sentence, she walked toward Selena and advised her, “Selena, even if it’s for the sake of your child, you should believe Jack. I believe in my son and he will not lie to you. Moreover, Kylie likes her father, am I right?”

Selena pursed her lips and rolled her eyes at Jack, “Alright, I’ll give you about another twenty days. We will know whether you’re a liar on Grandfather’s birthday. By then, don’t blame me for being heartless!”

“Kylie, come here. Let’s go, daddy will give you a bath. Grandma will make dinner then we’ll have a delicious meal later!” Jack squatted down and smiled at Kylie.

“Alright!” Kylie ran straight into Jack’s embrace excitedly.

Selena felt a mix of emotions as she saw Jack walking away while carrying Kylie.

“My old man, three million dollars. We’re rich now. We’re really rich now!” Fiona was thrilled as she carried the suitcases and said, “Tomorrow, let’s go deposit the money tomorrow morning!”

Soon after, the family finished their dinner. Jack came into the room and lied down on the floor.
Selena got out of the shower. She was dressed in a light blue nightgown. The nightgown looked silky and soft. Jack could see Selena’s fair legs behind the nightgown. It was so attractive.

“What are you looking at?” Selena shot Jack a glare as she saw the guy staring at her legs.
Soon after, a thought came to her mind. She winked at Jack and spoke in a seducing tone, “Baby, do you want to kiss me? You looked so absorbed staring at me. Should I give you a chance?”

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