No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0191

Selena could not be bothered with her. She never thought that Rachel would be so materialistic after all these years.

“Let’s go!” Jack said as he quickly came over with a smile.

“There’s not enough money. I’ve just met my university mate. Her son is also studying in this kindergarten. She told me that the yearly fees will be a hundred and twenty thousand dollars! I’m short by twenty thousand dollars!” Selena frowned, “I wonder if my parents banked in the money yet. Once they’re done, I’ll have her transfer twenty thousand dollars to me!”

“Let’s go! We’ll just swipe my card!” Upon seeing Selena’s frown, Jack could not help but hold her hand and pulled her in.

“Ah!” By the time Selena realized what was going on, Jack had already pulled her along for quite a distance.

It was the first time they held hands like that, causing her cheeks to blush. Jack’s other hand was holding onto Kylie’s little hand. After entering kindergarten, Selena felt really embarrassed and struggled to break free.

Jack came to a stop as well. He crouched down and looked at Kylie, asking, “Kylie, do you want to study? If you study here, you’ll have a lot of toys and many friends to play with you. In the future, daddy and mommy will come to pick you up when we’re free. If we’re busy, then Aunt Jenny will come to pick you up!”
“Really? There’ll be many friends and toys? That’s wonderful!” Kylie’s eyes brightened upon hearing that and started jumping up and down from excitement.

Looking at the father and daughter duo interacting harmoniously, a faint smile appeared on Selena’s face. Very soon, they led Kylie into the kindergarten. After registration, they were about to pay the fees. Right then, Rachel, who just finished paying her fees, saw them.

“Oh my, Selena, you’re still here? Why did you come in?” Rachel exclaimed in surprise, then looked over at Jack, “Oh, your husband hasn’t come back in five years. He should be long dead on the battlefield, right? Is this the stepdad you found for your child? He seems quite handsome. However, his clothing seems rather lackluster. Sigh, why didn’t you learn from your mistake? What’s the use of liking a handsome guy? You should look for a rich one!” After that, she continued her monologue, “You see, without money, you can only come in and have a look. You can’t even register here. My condolences!”

“Dear parent, they’ve already registered. They’re here to pay the fees!” One of the female teachers interjected with a smile.

“Impossible! She can’t possibly fork out a hundred and twenty thousand dollars! Did they con you?” Rachel had a surprised look on her face, which quickly turned into a smile. “I’m her university mate. Of course, I know what’s their financial situation like!”

“University mate, eh?” Jack was long annoyed by her speech. It was fine for her to humiliate him, but for her to say that to Selena…

He smiled coldly, then stated, “It would seem that education does not guarantee character. I see that you’re quite well to do. Why is your personality not matching up?”

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