No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0192

“Just who are you? I’m speaking to my classmate, it’s not your place to butt in!” That middle-aged lady was annoyed. However, she quickly sneered and exclaimed condescendingly, “Oh my, Selena, you found this guy to be your man? Not only is he poor, but he also seems rather uncultured. The way he speaks is just so vulgar and lowly, as though he’s entitled because of his poverty. I’m amazed!”

“who told you I’m poor?” Jack chuckled, then took out an ATM card and passed it to the kindergarten principal’s assistant who was in charge of fees. “We’ll pay by card. No password is needed!”

“Tsk…tsk… you’ve managed to borrow a hundred and twenty thousand dollars that quickly? It must’ve been hard! I’m sure you’ve burnt through all your options to get it!” Rachel sneered once again.

“It’s just a measly hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Why would I need to borrow?”
Jack was at a loss. She was just too condescending.

Right then, that middle-aged woman’s son started crying.
“What’s the matter, my precious? Why did you fall on the floor?!” Taking a look, that woman’s heart ached. She could not be bothered to deal with Jack any longer and ran over to help her son up.

“Mommy, she pushed me!” The little boy accused and pointed at Kylie.

“What?!” This time around, Rachel exploded in a furious rage. She stood up and shoved Kylie to the floor. With that, Kylie fell to the floor and started crying as well.

Jack and Selena never expected that an adult would treat a little girl with such violence.
Moreover, Kylie was not even four years old yet.

Selena immediately ran over and helped Kylie up, then confronted Rachel with a cold look. “Rachel Linsay, why did you push my daughter? Isn’t it normal for there to be some small fights between kids? You’re an adult and you shoved her with that much force. If my daughter is injured, you’ll have to be responsible!”

“fret not. I’m loaded. Of course, I can take the responsibility! I can totally afford to pay medical compensation! Furthermore, it’s you that didn’t teach your daughter proper manners. She pushed my son first so I pushed her back. That’s considered fair!” Rachel had a domineering look on her.

“Kylie, you’re only four years old. Why are you so naughty? Why did you push that brother? Didn’t you want a friend to play together?” Selena felt rather helpless as well. After all, it could have really been Kylie that pushed the other kid first.

“Mommy, I…I didn’t push him! He said that I’m a b*stard child without a daddy and threatened to hit me. He said he wanted to hit a b*stard child that no daddy will protect!”

“I just moved out of the way and he accidentally fell over…” Kylie’s eyes were filled with tears, feeling aggrieved.

Hearing that, Selena’s expression darkened. Nobody noticed what had happened earlier. “Kylie, are you telling the truth?”

Selena felt aggrieved as well. For the past five years, she would occasionally overhear others talking about Kylie being a b*stard child. That was very hurtful to the feelings of a child that was only four years old.

“Mommy, it’s the truth. She was the one that said that I’m a b*stard child and wants to hit me!” Kylie said pointing at Rachel.

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