No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0193

Selena patted Kylie on the head. “Good girl, don’t cry, don’t cry!”

After comforting Kylie, Selena stood up and her face turned icy cold in an instant. “Rachel Linsay, you’re going too far! Your son fell on his own and you blame my daughter? Moreover, Kylie is not a b*stard child. She has a father!”

“She’s a b*stard child. Definitely a b*stard child. Mommy said so. A child without a father is a b*stard child! Her father died in the war. If she’s not a b*stard child, then what is she?” Rachel’s son felt unconvinced and started shouting.

“Who said she has no father? He’s her father. He’s back from the war.” It was the first time Jack witnessed Selena losing her temper like that. Her daughter was her entire world. She could tolerate small fights between kids, but when the other party was an adult that shoved Kylie unreasonably, that was something she could not tolerate.

“Who knows if your daughter might be lying? Moreover, how would I know that he’s your daughter’s biological father?” Although Rachel was feeling slightly guilty, she still maintained a firm stance despite being in the wrong.

“You must apologize to my daughter immediately or I’ll never forgive you!” Selena glared at Rachel.

“Dear parent, your son did try to push this little girl and ended up falling to the ground himself!” said a female teacher that witnessed the scene. “Everyone is just doing it for the good of the children, right? We all care for our children. Your child is precious and so are the children of others. You just need to apologize!”

Rachel felt sorely ashamed, shaking her head then barked at the female teacher, “Mind your own business! Only rich children are precious. How can poor children be considered precious? Much less a b*stard!”

“Didn’t you hear? Apologize to my daughter!” Selena held onto Rachel as she reprimanded her.

“Get lost, Selena Taylor. Do you think I’m afraid of you? If not because we were university mates, I won’t even talk to someone like you. I’m someone of the upper class of society. Don’t you dare pull my shirt? Once it’s torn, you can’t afford to pay for it!” Rachel held her head up, not remorseful at all.
“If you don’t apologize, I’ll never let you go!” Selena’s mind was set.

“Scram!” Rachel shoved and managed to push Selena a few steps backward.


Rachel’s sleeve was torn off completely from her shoulders.

“Damn it. Which crazy woman dares bully a woman belonging to me, Dylan Tucker!?” Right then, Dylan, who was coming over to pick up his wife and son saw Rachel’s sleeve being torn. Without asking for clarification, he immediately reacted by raising his hand to slap at Selena.

“Dylan, get her. Hit that b*tch!” Seeing her own husband’s arrival, Rachel felt all the more confident. “This woman and her daughter are both trash. I think they’re just jealous of our riches!”

Dylan had a terrible expression on his face. His hand was raised, just about to hit Selena’s face.

“Ah!” Selena was shocked. She wanted to dodge, but it was too late.

However, before Dylan’s hand could swing downward, it was held tightly.

“Do you think I’m invisible?” Jack’s expression was ice cold. He glared at Dylan and growled through gritted teeth, “You dare bully my wife and daughter. I think you’re tired of living!”

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