No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0194

“Ah!” Dylan made a disgusting shriek as he felt his bones almost shattered. That excruciating pain caused the veins on his forehead to bulge and his eyes widen.

“Son of a b*tch! Do you know who I am? I’m a factory manager with over a thousand people under me. You dare attack me?” He bellowed at Jack through gritted teeth.

“Dear parents, please don’t fight. We can talk this over peacefully!” The kindergarten teachers and principal were all in shock. They did not expect a fight on registration day.

“Factory manager? I don’t care what manager you are, that doesn’t let you bully my daughter and wife. Otherwise, I’ll make sure your factory closes down with a phone call!” Jack chuckled, then shoved him aside with a push.

Dylan, who seemed bulky, was actually rather weak. Jack did not use much strength, but he ended up falling over on the ground, landing on his back.

“Ouch!” Dylan exclaimed. He then climbed back on his feet with great difficulty and massaged his buttocks.

“Y-y-you useless trash. How can you lose to such a skinny bugger!” Upon seeing her own husband being unreliable, Rachel was even more frustrated.

“Ouch. Kid, I dare you to wait here. Just you wait!” Dylan pointed angrily at Jack. He knew that Jack’s strength was great and he was of no match. With that, he quickly made a phone call. As he reached the door, he turned around and looked at Rachel. “Honey, don’t worry. I’m just making a call. Bloody h*ll, how dare he bully my wife!”

“you’re doomed! I’ll have you know that you won’t be leaving this kindergarten today!” Rachel huffed at him angrily.

“Apologize to my daughter and wife!” Jack could not be bothered with Dylan. Instead, he turned his attention to Rachel and demanded coldly.

“Hmph, you want me to apologize? Dream on!” Rachel replied as she put on an arrogant expression.

Whoosh! Unexpectedly, the very next instant, Jack stretched out his hand and tore off the other sleeve from her. Her white t-shirt suddenly turned into a sleeveless one, giving her a pathetic look.

“Y-y-you son of a b*tch. How dare you rip my clothes? Pervert! Honey, he’s a pervert—” Rachel began yelling.

“I’ll count to three. If you don’t apologize to my wife and daughter, I’ll tear your shirt and pants to shreds!” Jack’s expression remained extremely dark, giving them no room for negotiations.

“You dare?” Rachel took a step forward, then puffed her chest up.



Jack ignored her and approached her as he counted, stretching his hands.

“I-I-I’m wrong. It’s my mistake, okay?” Seeing that Jack was crazy enough to carry through his threat, Rachel was almost scared to tears. She took a few steps back and then covered her chest with her hands, afraid that Jack would grope at them.

Selena was stupefied by the sight. ‘This person is so thick-skinned?’ However, that solution seemed quite effective. Otherwise, how would Rachel admit her mistake? Nevertheless, she was definitely insincere!

“Forget it. Let’s go!” Seeing Rachel behaving that way, Selena’s anger subsided as well. She had no intention of staying any longer.

“Sure, whatever you say, honey!” Jack nodded, then carried Kylie from the ground and led Selena toward the exit.

Rachel looked at Jack’s back, her gaze filled with viciousness and grievance.

‘That Selena Taylor…it’s been so many years after graduation, yet she still lords over me and utterly embarrassed me today.’

Rachel secretly followed them, trying to see if the people her husband called for had arrived.

“What’s the matter? Do you want to leave? Stay here. I dare you to stay!” Dylan came forward to stop Jack as he saw them trying to leave.

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