No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0196

“It can’t be. Your mother doesn’t seem like one who would kill herself out of anger!” Jack smiled bitterly. Although he did not understand Fiona in the past, he had roughly figured her out over the past few days. Fiona loved money. She loved it very, very much. How could a person like that try to kill herself out of anger?

Selena was panicking as well. “Honey, what should we do? 3.8 million dollars! My parents placed them in a big bag and were ready to deposit them in the bank. Unexpectedly, right at the door of the bank, they were robbed by two robbers on a bike!”

Upon hearing that, Jack sighed. 3.8 million dollars was a huge sum, yet it was taken away just like that. If it were anything else, Fiona might not have been suicidal. However, with that amount, it was very possible for someone that loved money as her own life like Fiona.

“It was quite tough for us to acquire that money. My mother was even thinking of finding time to look for a house. Who knew that in front of the bank, they would…”

Selena’s mood immediately soured. With that much money gone in an instant, even her heart was aching, especially now that she greatly needed the money.

“Selena, don’t worry. Although it’s not much money, my money shall not be easily taken away by anyone just like that!” Jack assured Selena with a calm expression.

Having said that, he frowned again, asking, “However, I wonder… You said your parents had over 3 million dollars in hand, but they put it in such an insignificant gunny sack. They also dress very casually. How could the robbers knew that it was filled with money? Moreover, they were robbed right as they got out of the car?”

Hearing his deductions, Selena was dumbfounded for a moment. “Eh, now that you said it, this does seem a little too coincidental. Could it really be a deliberate attempt?” Selena bit on her sexy red lips and frowned slightly, falling into deep thought.

“It couldn’t be or could it?” After some thinking, Selena muttered softly.

“Who do you suspect?” Jack asked immediately.

“I think it might be Xena!” Selena then followed up, “I’ve never liked that woman! Furthermore, she’s two-faced. My family has no idea what kind of person she is, especially my brother. He loves Xena. Even if I told him some things about her, he would never believe it!

“What do you mean by telling him some things about her?!” Jack was confused.

Selena looked at Jack, then added, “I’ve always been against my brother being together with Xena. I’ve seen it a few times. It was late at night, and she would stumble out of a bar with a few uncouth young men with dyed hair. She was smoking with them. Looking like that, she’s just a female gangster. Moreover, she had a tattoo on her chest. I just don’t like her!”

At that point, Selena took a moment’s pause before continuing. “Furthermore, one time, I saw a man hugging her around the waist. Although it was only for a few seconds before the other party let go of her, I could feel that their relationship was not that simple.”

“You didn’t tell your brother about that matter?” Jack asked after giving it some thought.

Selena chuckled bitterly, “No. My brother doesn’t do anything with his life anyway. He just likes playing games at internet cafes. That’s how he met Xena. they played the same game!”

“I see.”

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