No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0197

Fishing a cigarette from his pocket, Jack started smoking. It was still the cheapest White-Sand cigarette, the same familiar flavor.

After taking a deep breath, Jack finally responded, “So it means that Xena is good at deception. She dresses simply in front of your brother and seems very innocent, yet she hangs out with some good-for-nothings in secret? Moreover, your brother is deeply in love with her. You’re not telling your brother because you know he won’t believe you even if you told him?”

Selena nodded. “That’s how things are. With my brother’s personality, if you were to tell him, he might even lose his temper. I’ve tried hinting to him a few times, telling him that Xena is not marriage material and urged him to reconsider! In the end, he didn’t come home for a few days straight, spending all that time at the internet cafe with Xena!”

At that point, Selena looked to Jack once more. “Moreover, my brother needs money to pay the internet cafe and would always ask me or your mother. If we have no money to give him, he would yell at us, saying that you’re to blame as he might still be a young master of the Taylor family with tens of thousand dollars of pocket money each month if not for you.”

Hearing that, Jack felt slightly angry. It would seem that over the past few years, Selena and his mother had endured many indignations from Ben. Furthermore, there was also the mother-in-law that was difficult to deal with.

“Could it be that Xena and your brother plotted together and arranged for this robbery? Is that a possibility?” Jack asked once more after giving it some thoughts.

This time, Selena shook her head without hesitation. “That’s impossible. Some time ago, my mother just gave him 50 thousand dollars to get some gifts for Xena. He didn’t even use up the 50 thousand dollars.”

Having said that, Selena paused for a moment and added, “My brother is not that brazen. Although he wastes his life away, he won’t stoop to that level. Moreover, if he’s out of money, he will surely find a way to ask my mother. He won’t resort to robbing!”

“Mm!” Jack nodded. “Although Xena may not be a decent woman and might be having relations with other men in secret, we have no proof that she was responsible for today’s matter. That’s why we better not make wild claims!”

Selena naturally knew that. She was afraid of accusing the innocent. “That’s right. This is just my speculation. If I accused her wrongfully, that would be bad. Don’t tell my family about those matters I told you earlier as we have no evidence. Moreover, I was stupid back then for not taking a few pictures with my phone…”

“Alright, where’s your mother? Let’s head over quickly. We must get back that 3.8 million
Dollars!” Jack smiled calmly, then waved for a taxi.

“They’re at the bank. It’s on Heavenly Dragon street. I don’t think we can get the money back. With that much money, if the robbers left Eastfield straight away, then it’ll be very difficult to get that money back!” Selena was feeling helpless. Furthermore, the power plays in Eastfield were complicated, making it difficult to deal with many matters.

“Don’t worry. Those that offend me won’t end well!” Jack stated. His gaze clear and calm.

The taxi quickly stopped by the bank’s entrance. Meanwhile, Fiona was seated at the curb outside the bank in tears while Andrew was consoling her.

“Ma, stop crying. There are so many people watching. It’s embarrassing!” Selena approached them and said in a helpless tone.

“It’s over 3 million dollars! That’s over 3 million dollars! I’ve never seen that much money for five years. Now that I finally have it, it was taken away from me just like that. How can I not cry?” Fiona was wiping her tears while looking at Selena and Jack. “It’s because of you. If both of you followed us to the bank, will we get robbed?”

Jack was speechless. How was he to blame? “Mother, don’t worry. This money won’t be lost!” Jack smiled bitterly, trying to console her.

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