No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0199

“Yay, wonderful! I’ve never been to the amusement park!” Kylie was extremely excited.

“Kylie, if you give daddy a kiss, I’ll even bring you to the zoo after going to the amusement park. How about that?” Jack rubbed Kylie’s little head.

“Yes! Yes! We can go to the zoo as well. I’ve never been to the zoo!” Kylie got even more excited as she gave Jack a light kiss on his cheek.

Jack felt his heart tremble for a moment. That was his own daughter kissing him like that for the first time. It was the feeling that only fathers could experience. It has been five years. From the moment Kylie was born, she had always lacked fatherly love. He could only try his best to make up for it to the mother-daughter duo.

“Are we really going?” The scene before Selena had similarly made her heart tremble. She suddenly felt as though in a trance. Jack might like to boast, but he was indeed a good father, and also an excellent husband. In fact, being by his side gave her a feeling of security. That feeling was strong despite him constantly stirring up trouble.

“Of course! I’ve promised our daughter and she even gave me a kiss. As her father, how can I break my promise?!” Jack was in a great mood.

“But you promised my mother to look for the 3.8 million dollars and even said you’ll get it done in a week. We can’t be wasting time!” Selena naturally wanted to spend time with her daughter as well, but Jack had promised to recover the money in a week. Should they not be looking for the bank and ask them for the surveillance record for this area?

“How can an outing with my wife and daughter be considered wasting time? Let’s go!” Jack carried Kylie with a grin on his face and waved at a taxi by the road.

“Yay, this is great. I can go to the amusement park!” Kylie exclaimed loudly. Perhaps the little girl was overly excited, she planted another kiss on Jack’s cheek. “Daddy is wonderful. Kylie has a father. I’m not a b*stard child. Kylie loves daddy!”

“Let’s go and unwind for a day!” Selena followed them into the taxi. She had a joyful expression. For five years, she had lived every day under stress, causing her to look rather haggard.

That day, their family of three could finally take a day off. Three of them quickly arrived at the amusement park. They went through all the rides except those that were too dangerous for Kylie to play.

When they’re done, it was already two in the afternoon.

The three of them found a small restaurant for a simple lunch before heading to the zoo.

“Wah, Daddy, look, panda!”

“Wah, Daddy, look, giraffe! It’s just like the drawing!”

“Eh, Daddy, what’s this?”

“Oh, it’s a snake? What snake is this? Will it bite?”

Along the way, the excitable Kylie turned into a curious child.

Selena was at a loss on how to react. Along the way, Kylie would constantly ‘Daddy’ this and ‘Daddy’ that. Somehow, it felt like her daughter was much closer to Jack than her.

“Wah, Daddy, look, tiger!” Wah, Daddy, look! There’s a boy not far from the tiger!”

Hearing that, Jack was shocked. He took a quick look and gasped deeply. There was a boy that fell into the tiger viewing area.

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