No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0203

Both the tigers kept up with their struggles. Time and time again they tried to raise their heads. Unfortunately, they were still held firmly on the ground by Jack.

Suddenly, Jack released both the Siberian tigers and backed off swiftly.

The tigers finally got up and glared at Jack intently.
After a moment, both of them once again rushed at Jack.

This time, Jack gave each a kick and sent both tigers flying a few meters back.

“Oh my god!”

The tourists on the bridge were worried about Jack and thought he was in trouble. Never did they expect Jack to resolve the danger once again.

After sending the two tigers flying, Jack turned around and dashed, arriving at the edge of the cliff. He then dashed upward. His legs took a few steps, flashing about, and got up in just a few simple moves. With another leap, he was already up on the stone bridge, standing in front of everyone.

The two tigers pounced forward and only caught air, only realizing Jack standing on the stone bridge after raising their heads.

Both the adult Siberian tigers roared at Jack, who was on the stone bridge, for some time before they finally lowered their heads and turned away.

Jack’s entire stunt added up to a total of at most two seconds. The speed was just too fast. To many of them, Jack was back with just a blur. After a momentary silence, it was followed by thunderous applause.

“Thank you, thank you, you’re my hero!” The middle-aged woman immediately grabbed Jack’s hand and said excitedly. “Pass me your bank card. It’s a promise. You saved my son so I’ll pay you 50 million dollars as a sign of gratitude!”

“Oh my god, 50 million dollars! Just who is this woman? She’s rich enough to actually pay him a reward of 50 million dollars?”

“Big risk, big rewards. This man struck the jackpot this time!”

Quite a number of tourists were looking at Jack with admiration. Jack’s show of strength earlier had similarly shocked them.

“Pretty lady, your husband is too amazing. How is he that strong? Moreover, it’s about three meters tall and he was able to get up here in one breath!”

Another auntie could not help but approach Selena. “Your husband is too amazing. Having married such a strong husband, you must be very happy!”

Selena squeezed out a smile, then said, “He’s been in the army for five years and just only came back from the battlefield!”

“No wonder he’s amazing. Those that battled the enemies on the battlefield and survived five years are definitely not ordinary folks!”

Upon hearing that, some of the men looked at Jack more respectfully. Such a person was worthy of their respect.

However, none of them expected what came next. Jack told the woman bluntly, “Don’t bother with the 50 million dollars. If it’s for the money, I wouldn’t have saved your son!” Having said that, he went forward and crouched down. He then gently touched the child’s ankle.

Upon hearing those words, the crowd was dumbfounded. 50 million dollars worth of reward. That amount, to any of them, was a huge incentive, yet Jack rejected it squarely. Perhaps that was what it meant to be a hero that served the country.

Hearing those words, Selena too had a smile on her face. She had not planned to take the money. After all, the reason Jack saved people was not for the money.

“Ah!” The child could not hold back from crying out. His face turned pale.

“I’ve already called the ambulance. It’ll be here very soon. I wonder what’s wrong with the leg. It’s all swollen. Who knows if it might be very serious!” The woman looked and explained with a worried expression.

“Let me handle it. This ankle is badly dislocated. If we don’t fix it, the blood vessels would be blocked and make things worse!”

“By then, if left for a long time, the bad circulation might lead to the possibility of amputation!” Jack looked at the boy’s ankle, then asked him, “Jake, right? This time, it might hurt a little but it’s unavoidable. You can only endure it!”

“Wait, are you a doctor? Can you do it? Aren’t you a soldier?” That middle-aged woman was extremely worried. “Kiddo, you saved my son’s life so I’ll definitely pay you that 50 million dollars. However, please don’t act rashly on my son’s injuries!”


However, just as she finished her sentence, Jack quickly grabbed Jake’s leg and gave it a good tug, creating that sickening sound.

“Ah!” Little Jake turned around and screamed, then passed out.

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