No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0205

Having said his peace, Jack was about to leave with Selena.

“You’re not allowed to leave!” However, that woman blocked their path. “I think you’re just feeling guilty. Otherwise, why are you trying to leave?”

“That’s right. That boy was fine just earlier and would only need to wait for the ambulance, yet this guy tried to provide treatment? In my opinion, he’s just a quack that’s trying to show off but end up causing an accident!”

Some of them started to criticize Jack, stating, “The path to evil is paved with good intentions!”

Obviously, nobody would believe a soldier to do a doctor’s work.

The two zoo employees came running. When they saw the situation, they immediately exclaimed, “Wonderful, brother, you climbed up all on your own? That’s amazing!”
Having said that, he looked over to the little boy on the floor. “Wasn’t he just fine earlier?”

Hearing that, the woman immediately started complaining in tears, “That’s right. Everything was fine earlier. He was awake, but this guy came and offered to help. In the end, I don’t even know if my son is dead or alive now. I don’t care, if my son is dead, or his condition worsens, he’ll have to compensate accordingly!”

The employee’s expression darkened as he looked at Jack. “Little brother, we’ve already called the ambulance and it’s on the way. Why must you try to provide treatment? We have no idea about this child’s injuries. If you’re not trained in that field, it’s better not to do anything and let the doctors decide. Why didn’t you wait?”

“If I waited, he might require amputation!” Jack explained.

Right then, an ambulance drove to the edge of the bridge and the medical personnel ran over.

“Thank goodness the doctor is here. Doctor, how’s my son? This area was swollen earlier, but then this soldier here gave it a tug like this and my son went unconscious…” Noticing the doctor’s arrival, the woman went into tears and explained as though grasping at straws.

“Don’t rush. Let me have a look!” The doctor examined and said, “There’s nothing wrong. He’s just passed out and will wake up in a bit. Moreover, from what I can see, it must have been badly dislocated previously. It’s already being set back in place. This kid’s technique is spot on.”

“Y-y-you’re sure?” The woman swallowed hard as she stared at the doctor with wide-opened eyes.

The doctor said grunted impatiently, “Nonsense. I’m an orthopedic specialist. How can I not diagnose the situation? Go buy some anti-inflammatory medicine and apply it for a few days. It’ll be fine. The situation earlier should be much worse. If it wasn’t treated in time, that would be dangerous.”

“so the experts understand while the layman laughs!” Jack chuckled, then put out his cigarette and threw it in the trash bin.

“S-s-sorry. I’ve wrongfully accused you!” The woman lowered her head and said in an embarrassed tone, “How much money you want? I can pay you!”

“This apology is sufficient. No need for payment! Next time, don’t jump to the wrong conclusion and blame the good guy!”

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