No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0206

“I…” The middle-aged woman was furious beyond comprehension, yet she did not know what to say.

The people who had been criticizing Jack earlier now all turned on her, saying that she had gone too far, suspecting her own benefactor like that.

“Mom…” At this moment, the boy who had fainted regained consciousness. The crowd began to clap their hands again.

“50 million? You’re amazing, dear!” They walked off for a while before Selena finally smiled. “You’re really not tempted by that much money? If you took the 50 million, you could have easily solved the issue of Grandfather’s coming birthday!”

Jack gave a wry smile as he looked at his wife. “My dear, would you take the 50 million if it was from the person you had saved before?” he asked.

“Of course not. I don’t save others to get money!” He quirked a brow when he heard that. “Heh. My dear, it seems like you desperately want me to fork out 40 million dollars to get your parents’ approval. I think this proves that you truly love me, and you want to be with me.”

Selena’s face immediately reddened. “No way!” she protested hastily. “I just think that it’s a shame that you let 50 million dollars slip past your fingers just like that.”

The three roamed around the zoo for a while before exiting the place and was about to call a cab to go home.

However, they never expected a BMW to quickly pull up near them.

The driver rolled down the window. The man grinned towards Selena. “Oh, and I thought that I saw wrong. Never imagined to really run into the belle of our class!”

“Hugh Launer!” Surprise filled Selena when she recognized the man. Then she smiled toward her husband. “Jack, this is an old coursemate from my university,” she explained. “He was like one of my bros, and we were pretty close before. Never thought I’d run into him here.”

“Jack?” The man studied Jack, then looked at Kylie, who was being carried in his arms. His face suddenly broke into a smile. “I was wondering why this name sounded so familiar. Don’t tell me that you’re that delivery boy from last time,” he said. “Didn’t you enlist in the military? It seems like you’ve retired already.”

“That’s right. I’ve been back for quite some time now.” Jack offered the other man a smile. “I happened to have some time off today, so I came out to accompany my wife and my little girl.”

“Are you guys about to call a cab home?”

A woman sitting beside Hugh peered toward the young family. “Oh, so this is the class belle that Hugh mentions about frequently!” she said, smiling. “You married pretty early, didn’t you? Your daughter is so big already!”

“What class belle? Those boys had nothing better to do than to go around labeling everyone, that’s all!” Selena chuckled, slightly awkward.

She was not stupid. She detected the venom laced beneath the woman’s words.

“No way. Hugh told me that most of your campus’s beauties were in your class! So basically, it is not even an understatement if a class belle from your class is recognized as a campus belle!”

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