No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0207

The woman wore a black satin dress, which contrasted against her snow-white skin, giving her an ethereal appearance. Additionally, soft waves rippled down her hair, exuding a youthful countenance. Of course, the woman had a nice figure as well. She lacked some of Selena’s natural elegance, but she was equal in almost all other physical aspects.

“You’re too humble now. You’re such a great beauty yourself!” Selena chuckled and spoke politely.

“Are you guys calling a cab from here? It’ll be difficult, considering that it’s peak period now. There’ll be plenty of people calling for cabs too!” The woman scanned Jack and Selena. “Oh, what a drag it is to not have a car,” she commented. “It seems like your husband can’t support you very well!”

Hugh flashed an awkward smile at the woman’s words. “Right. Selena, it so happens that there’s a class reunion tonight. We’ve already invited quite a few of our old cronies over. Why don’t you come too? You can bring your family along!”

“Oh, yes! Come on over. It must have been years since you guys last met!” The woman nodded her head too. “You have to show up for our dear Hugh.”

“Well…” Selena drew her brows together, hesitant. She had been good friends with Hugh before, but she had not seen him in a few years. She was afraid that the old cronies he had been referring to would all regard her with judgmental eyes, like Rachel Linsay.

“What are you waiting for? Trevor Turner’s back in the country too. He says that he’s going for a job interview tomorrow in a huge corporation. Apparently, he knows a manager who works there. The interview is practically in the bag for him! Besides, we haven’t had a gathering in years. You, as our resident class belle, will definitely have to come!” Hugh quickly added on, “If you don’t come, I’m not your bro anymore!”

“All right, all right. I’ll come. Where is it? I’ll send my daughter back home first, and I’ll come tonight with my husband.” Selena’s smile was empty. She had no choice but to accept the invite at his persistence. Besides, she had not seen Trevor in a long time either. She had been pretty close with him too.

“The Lotus Bar and Lounge at eight. We’ll be waiting at the entrance for you. Be sure to turn up!” Hugh smiled and waved his hand. “Then it’s settled. I’ll be going off first. I have to change my clothes!”

After he finished speaking, he immediately drove off.

“Seriously? Why do you have to invite her to the gathering? They can’t even afford a car, and you invited them to such a classy place. We’ll be embarrassing ourselves too then.” Hugh’s girlfriend could not help but roll her eyes at him. “The people at this gathering are either driving a Benz or a BMW,” she said unhappily. “Your friend and her husband are in a completely different class from us. They are like the country bumpkins as if it was their first time stepping out into the world. They will become a laughingstock”

“What are you talking about? We graduated from the same university! Besides, we were close before, and it’s not easy to get everyone together. It won’t be a problem if she’s there!

“Other than that, I heard that she’s been running into walls over the past few years. It’s because she married a good-for-nothing and insisted on having the kid, so the Taylors practically forsook her. She can’t even find a job now!”

Hugh flashed a wry smile. “The Taylors are aristocrats too. Who knew that Selena would have fallen to where she is today!”

“Hmph. She’s such a pitiable creature, isn’t she? Perhaps you like her? She has a husband though, so don’t think about it!” The woman beside him spoke, envy tingling her tone.

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