No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0213

“Exactly! That’s how it is!” Selena managed an awkward smile. If her mother ever found out that Jack had used his money to buy two cars worth over 5 million, she would probably tell Jack to dig through his wallet in front of her.

Fortunately, Jack was quick on his feet. He just shoved the responsibility toward Tanya.

“The Drake family sure is rich. They let you two drive company cars, and they’re such luxurious models too!”

“How much did she spend to buy this?” Ben asked Jack with excitement.

“Not a lot, about 2.7 million per car!” Jack grinned.

“2.7 million per car… Just as I thought: A car like this would at least cost 2 million, and it’s actually 2.7 million per car. My God, it’s amazing. This is a car that a man should drive!” Ben was so excited that he gave a small jump. His body was practically quivering with delight.

“Then don’t tell me that two cars come to over 5 million in total? My God, a rich man’s world is unimaginable!” Xena was stunned too. She swallowed a bitter gulp.

She had intended to see if she could mingle with the upper class through Ben. After all, he was an aristocrat. Of course he had been chased out of the family, but who knew if Old Master Taylor saw the light one day. She never thought that to those who were truly wealthy, 5 million was a drop in the bucket.

“These are ours! They’ll be ours!” Fiona exclaimed.

“Jack, Selena, that Miss Tanya is the daughter of James Drake, so she is the wealthiest woman in the entire Eastfield,” Fiona rambled in exhilaration. “The Drake family is probably even wealthier than the Four Major Families! It seems like Miss Tanya truly values the two of you, so I’m telling you to not do anything stupid. Just do a good job and maintain your position, understand?”

“I know that, Ma. We’ll definitely work hard, since Miss Tanya is so good to us!” Selena smiled.

“So if you don’t quit your job, the cars are basically ours!” Fiona crowed. “If others ask you whose car is this on the streets, just say that it’s yours. Understand? Just tell them that you bought it. Others won’t know the entire situation, so they’ll definitely believe you. We’ll have such an indisputable reputation!” Fiona’s vanity suddenly surged within her. “Heh… I want to ride in this car too one day. I have to go out into the streets in it!”

“All right, all right. Don’t worry. We’ll tell everyone that we bought it ourselves!” Selena looked at her husband and flashed him a humorless smile; she did not know whether to laugh or cry. The cars were theirs in the first place anyway.

“All right, all right. Why don’t you come in and rest first? Dinner will be ready once the rice is done!” A satisfied smile lit up Joan’s face. Everything would be all right so long as her son lived a good life.

She had always believed that her son would not let the Taylors down. Fiona and Andrew—as well as other members of the Taylor family—would certainly acknowledge her son eventually.

“Oh, right. Did you help to look for my money this afternoon, Jack?” Fiona raised the question when the hype had died down.

Jack’s lips curved into a stiff smile. “We did poke around for a bit, but there are no clues as of now. Miss Tanya called us by then and asked us to pick out a car. At first, I thought she was taking us to choose a regular car, but who knew that she would actually take us into a Porsche store.”

“You should start looking harder, then. I did give you seven days after all. You either find the money, or you pay me that amount of money. Got it?”

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