No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0215

“She’s a woman of the Taylor family and had a knack for business. I remember how her results were always the best when we still studied together. She must be doing much better than us regular white-collar workers!” a woman spoke aloud. She was dressed in a crisp white shirt and a black pencil skirt.

“Heh… I don’t think you’ll ever be able to imagine what actually happened to Selena and what she’s doing now, Rosa!” A bespectacled man adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose. He exuded a smart, stylish countenance. “Five years ago, not long after we graduated,” he said to Rosa, “Selena got married!”

“What? She got married?” Rosa was shocked when she heard that. It was not considered too late for the modern woman to get married, especially for a strong, career-oriented woman like Selena. Furthermore, she was only 27 years old. Selena was about her age. If she had married five years ago, then her child—if she had one—would be able to walk and run by now.

“Isn’t that true though? I heard the rumor too!” Another woman said, smiling.

“She still needs to come!”

Rachel’s expression turned gloomy. She never expected Hugh to have invited Selena to their gathering. Just that afternoon, although she and her husband had walked away unscathed from Jack at the kindergarten, the people they had hired to fight for them had been beaten black and blue. They were all sent to the hospital and the total bill would probably come to about two to three million dollars.

Furthermore, these people needed to go for physical rehab, asides from the treatment fees. She and her husband would have to pay yet another pretty sum of money no matter what to appease them. The total amount she and her husband would have to spend was enough to make them cry.

“What’s wrong, Rachel? Why do you look so glum? Don’t tell me you’re not looking forward to seeing her?”

Hugh frowned. He always thought that Rachel seemed to have a grudge against everybody.
“Oh, right. Now I remember! You and Selena didn’t get along well, did you?”

The woman named Rosa Reyes then asked, “What’s wrong? Did you see her already? How is she now? Do you know?”

The more Rachel thought about it, the angrier she got. She had been bullied by that good-for-nothing husband of hers today. More importantly, they would not dare to offend the other party anymore in the future. Since Jack and Selena were not around, Rachel thought of saying something to destroy their reputation.

Mulling over it for a while, she then commented, “Don’t talk about it anymore. I just met her family this morning while we were registering our kid at a kindergarten. Selena is such a hypocrite now. She doesn’t have any money, yet she struts about as though she were a tycoon. Heh. I bet you guys don’t know that she married a delivery boy. This is what happened: the Taylor family had to send one of their sons to the military…”

Rachel narrated the troubles Selena had been facing throughout these five years in detail first before she wrapped up her story. “So think about it: How much money would a jobless, trash-picker have? Her husband has probably not been back for long either, and he’s definitely another impoverished soul. Even with all that, they still brought their daughter to register at Eastfield’s best privately-owned kindergarten today!”

“That’s right. They still want the best kindergarten even though they have no money? It’s all talk! I wonder who they borrowed money from to pay the tuition fees!” Dylan also came to the gathering, his rotund figure heaving heavily. He had not been in a good mood the whole day.

However, Rachel’s university mates—the female ones in particular—all had splendid figures and had pretty attractive features too. His sour mood was lifted slightly at the sight He thanked his lucky stars he came along tonight; his eyes were blessed with the sight of such pretty ladies!

“No way. That’s terrible. Never mind if they’re poor, but faking appearances too…” Rosa never thought that Selena would turn out like this. Not only did she not marry a good man, she even scraped her pockets just for the sake of her vanity. Her untainted impression of Selena immediately shattered.


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