No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0216

“Right? Selena is like a totally different person now. Such a hypocrite… She doesn’t have money, yet she likes to pretend that she does! And you guys haven’t met her husband yet,” Rachel rambled venomously. “He’s such a boorish man. All he knows is fighting, and he isn’t that educated. He does nothing but get into brawls all day. I can’t imagine how Selena’s future will be like, married to a man like that!”

The initially silent Dylan then fanned the flames by saying, “Right? People of his sort always have violent tendencies. Heh… If Selena provokes him one day, we might have a case of domestic abuse!”

Rosa grew frightened as she heard this. “No way… I hate violent men. What kind of man beats up women?”

“Isn’t it so? I think Selena doesn’t have a good life now!”

“But Selena shot herself in the foot too. She’s so pretty, so much so that she’s even known as the Beauty Queen of Eastfield. It’d be fine if she just simply married some rich fellow. Anyone would’ve been ten times better than her current husband!” Rachel huffed, looking as though she felt exasperated for Selena’s sake.

“The Selena from before wasn’t such a vainpot!” Rosa sighed. It was a real pity that Selena turned out like that.

“Heh… That’s because she had money before. She didn’t care too much about appearances because she was rich! Now she’s no longer the wealthy young missus without her family to back her up. She’s probably still not used to the poor man’s life even after five years, and she’s still thinking that she’s a high-class lady!” Rachel continued, chuckling.

After she finished speaking, she noticed Matt by the side, smoking silently. “Eh, Matt, why aren’t you saying anything?” she said. “Oh, I almost forgot… Selena was your ex, wasn’t she? You guys were dating for one year back in university, right?”

Matt’s expression darkened. “Rachel, why do you still like to speak such nonsense?” he responded. “How old is your kid now? Probably older than Selena’s, right? You’re already a mother, but why do I feel like you’re still keeping petty scores against her?”

“What a chivalrous man, speaking up for her. Don’t tell me that you like her? Perhaps you still secretly harbor feelings for her?”

Rachel flashed a mirthless smile, not caring about Matt’s girlfriend who stood right beside him. Her expression morphed into a grimace.

“Matt, is that true? That Selena Taylor is your ex? Do you still like her?” The pretty young woman standing by his side huffed at him. She was clad in a provocative mini black dress.

“Don’t listen to her, Brit. That happened ages ago. We’re about to get married anyway. Do you really care about all this?” Matt immediately explained to Britney before him. She was from a well-to-do family and was considered a wealthy young lady; Matt on the other hand was an attractive young man. He was with Britney to live a comfortable life.

He understood that a man without money was not a man at all. Someone like that would be regarded as trash no matter where he went. That was why he chose to live off his girlfriend—to come into money, to enjoy a rich man’s life.

“Hmph. I want to see if this class belle of yours is prettier than I am. She’s already given birth to a kid. She must look like an old goat now!” Britney harrumphed frostily, evidently displeased. She was only 24 years old. Not only was she young, but she also had an excellent figure. She did not believe that she was less attractive than this so-called Selena.

“That’s right. She’s definitely not as pretty as you are. She had a kid and is picking up trash for a living now. How can she ever compare to you, the young mistress of Lee?” Matt immediately tried to appeal to her.

“Of course!” Britney lifted her chin, looking like a proud giraffe.

“He’s here! Trevor’s here!”

At this moment, Trevor—who had just returned from overseas—parked his car near the entrance.

“Not bad, bro. Nice BMW!” Dylan instantly grinned when he saw it.

“Aren’t you driving a BMW too? And his model isn’t as expensive as yours!” Hugh commented, not knowing whether to laugh or cry about his own fate.

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