No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0218

Selena turned to look at her husband. She gave him a bitter smile. “Do you want to hear the whole story? We only dated for one year during university.”

Jack nodded his head. “No need to explain.”

It was true that she did not need to explain anything. After all, everything that happened before he met Selena was her business. Additionally, he clearly remembered what he saw—blood on the sheet—during their wedding night. It indicated that Selena was not someone who slept around. Jack was not angry in the least, and this took Selena aback.

Furthermore, he took a step forward and faced the woman who had been the first to spark a drama—Britney. “Does it matter how we come here, Miss?” he challenged. “Is it so wrong to use a cab?” Here, Jack paused for a bit before continuing, emphasizing every word, “Besides, don’t look down on soldiers. Would you live such peaceful lives without us?”

“I always heard that poor people are ill-mannered. It’s the first time I’ve met someone so poor yet so rude!” Britney chuckled and gestured to an Audi A6 parked by the side. “Do you see that? That’s my car. It’s not very expensive, but you guys probably won’t be able to afford it even if you worked your entire life. This is the difference between us!” she said. “The others also drove here; Audis, BMWs. Don’t you feel like a failure as a man?”

“Hmph. What’s there to be sorry about?” Jack gave an unamused smile. “If you want to use cars as a measurement for wealth, then we’ll go get the two Porsche 911s that we have in our house. Doesn’t that mean we’re richer than you? Will you get on your knees and call me Daddy then?”

“Porsche 911?”

Britney was stunned for a moment, then she sniggered. “Hilarious! Would anyone who has two Porsche 911s call a cab?”

Here, her gaze sidled toward Rachel. “This lady said that you called a cab when you took your kid for registration too,” she added. “You two can’t even afford an Alto, and you say that you have 911s? Tell me: how much did the Porsche 911s cost you? Is it the type that requires you to frequently change its battery?”

A few of them could not help but laugh when they heard this.

“Oh, Selena, I never expected you to turn into such a prideful person! You’re just like your husband. There’s nothing wrong with calling a cab, but you guys claim that you have a Porsche 911—two of them!” The woman named Rosa released a sigh. She felt that Selena had truly changed. She pretended to have money even though she had none—all for the sake of vanity!
Was this the same classmate who did not place that much importance on money?

“Rosa, my husband isn’t lying. We do have two 911s. We bought them in the afternoon, thinking that it would be easier for us to just drive to work!” Selena explained, wearing a stiff smile.

“Fine. Whatever you say. Not like I’m going to sit in your car anytime soon!” It was obvious that Rosa still did not believe her.

“Oh, you two are here. What a coincidence!” Jack walked over to Dylan and Rachel. His eyes narrowed. “It seems like you’ve been wagging your tongues about us before we arrived, eh?”

Fear gripped Dylan when he recalled how skilled of a fighter Jack was—how his men were still lying on hospital beds. He quickly waved his hand dismissively. “No, no. We were just chit-chatting. We just told them that we ran into you in the morning. That’s all!”

The rest of the group exchanged glances. Dylan was usually booming and boisterous, but now the factory manager seemed a little afraid of Jack.


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